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Yuji publishes the second generation of SDCM (G02)

Yuji publishes second generation of SDCM for BC sereis products (G02). This time we optimize the performance as below:

1. Shrink the overall range as the half of G01 size.
2. DUV is about ≤0±0.003, CCT tolerance is even reduced for some specific CCTs based on G01.
3. Reduce from 4 Bins for one CCT to 2 Bins for one CCT, but keep the same tight tolerance as ≤ 3 step MacAdam for single Bin.
4. Central point is still on the BBL (Blackbody Locus) with half Bin size than G01, which means we will get a higher probability that chromaticity coordinates are close to the BBL.
5. Keep the same cost.
6. Meanwhile G01 is still available.

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