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Revolutionary Tunable-White LED: Yuji Spectrum-X Series

Technology develops because of human needs, and it raises new needs of human. Because of our desire for brightness and fear of darkness, artificial lights came along. Due to limitation of technologies, the original pursuit of artificial lights was illumination. Nowadays, however, as lighting technologies (especially LED lighting technologies) bloom, artificial lights are not just about illumination anymore, they are more about atmosphere, experience, and lifestyle.

Compared to conventional technologies, LED lighting excels in energy efficiency, color customizability, and space for optical design. It can easily create any types of atmosphere, whether it is bright and colorful, or warm and...

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NEWS: CIE Raises 2017 Color Fidelity Index for Accurate Scientific Use

Recently, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) released the CIE 2017 Color Fidelity Index for Accurate Scientific Use.

The CIE Color Rendering Index (CRI), in particular the general color rendering index, Ra, is widely adopted and used by the lighting industry. However, limitations of the CRI have been recently addressed, especially for solid-state light sources. This mismatch arises, first, from inaccuracies of the CRI in its intended role as a color fidelity index; and second, from perception-related color quality effects beyond color fidelity.

Therefore, the CIE determined that, better color quality characterization methods are needed to measure and specify white-light...

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World’s Highest Lumen Density COB


—— YUJILEDSTM High Lumen Density High CRI COB Series

Thanks to the development of science and technology, men are able to use natural resources increasingly efficiently. The development and application of solid-state lighting (SSL) technology is a good example. Traditional light sources such as incandescent lights and HID lights have high requirements to light up, which need vacuum/inert gas environment and high pressure inert gas. Compared to this, a solid-state light source—light emitting diode (LED) needs only forward bias between the anode and cathode of the LED to light up. Thus, space for further design of lighting fixtures has...

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How to Find the Best Desk Lamp for Your Needs?

There are numerous buyer’s guides nowadays on how to choose a desk lamp for you.  Considerations include the place, interior design, the lamp’s size, style, and its functions. As an expert in high quality light source, YUJILEDSTM knows what qualities a good desk lamp should possess and always cares more about a lamp’s light quality.

Today we want to explain to you in detail the significance of a desk lamp’s light quality to your eyes and your overall experience with a perfect example we picked - Yamada Z-80PRO, a high CRI LED desk lamp.


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Why High Price For High-quality LED Products? Part - 6

High CRI LED LED packaging


During the last several posts, we’ve analyzed the leading factors of LED lead frames, chips and encapsulants in terms of their qualities and costs. Now, we are moving to the finale of our “high quality LED” series, the LED phosphor.


Most LED phosphors are inorganic photoluminescent powder made of rare earth materials. Under radiance of high energy light, the electrons of the ground state absorb the energy of the exciting light and transit to the excited state of a higher-energy level. The instability of the excited state makes the electron transit back...

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