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Yuji Binning VS MacAdam Ellipses

In 1942, David Macadam created 25 ellipses to measure and judge the consistency of different colors.Later, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) C78.377 suggested the standard of lighting should follow the MacAdam Ellipses.Nowadays, with the overflow of LED in the market,...

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Light and Productivity in the Workplace

Lighting in one’s work environment has a large impact on productivity. Although it may not be obvious at first glance, the type and strength of the lighting in a workplace greatly affects the physiological aspect of employees and thus overall...

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Full Spectrum Light Source of Artificial High CRI

Color is beautiful, our lives are always surrounded by a rainbow of colors, but it also affects our lives in many aspects. People tend to pick their favorite color or the color fit them most when buying clothes; we judge...

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CRI and the Visual Impact of Food

The chroma of food will affect people’s visual idea. Multiple color helps appetite, and makes food good taste. The color rendering index decide the standard chroma of food, it influence the judgment of food directly. Red, as a very important...

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The TLCI metric (Television Lighting Consistency Index) was developed as an alternative to address the shortcomings of the commonly used CRI when used with photography equipment. Because the way cameras interpret light is slightly different to how humans perceive it,...

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The Lighting System of Gallery

Under the backdrop of economic boom and political stability, the gallery industry has mushroomed in recent decade. As the site of exhibition and sales of art works, the light plays a dual role in art exhibition as well as commercial...

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High CRI LED Track Light

As directional lighting product, track lights are featured the ability to move along the track, and the adjustable irradiation angle. Generally speaking, track lights are used in Commercial application, such as shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores and other brand...

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High CRI LED Lighting In Fashion System

Vanity with light is a cosmetic production which produced by the Fashion industry. High-quality Vanity has bright and soft lights, not only facilitates the work of stylists, but also has high color reproduction, low color difference, and even the effect of beautifying the face. However, most of the Vanity light bulbs are relatively simple, and could not fully...

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Recent developments

Our Progress 1. Expanded binning options to reduce green/magenta shift Some of our initial violet chip LED batches had a slightly noticeable green tint. We quickly found the reason was the deviation of Duv value. Correlated color temperature is one of the...

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All about the green/magenta shift

If you are a lighting technician or anyone with photography experience, you have most likely faced issues with green spikes and worked with plus/minus green gels and filters. Read on to learn about how using our LEDs can completely eliminate...

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