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dim-to-warm LED strip

YUJILEDS® Dim-to-Warm Flexible LED Strip

When people were using traditional incandescent bulbs over the past decades, there was an interesting phenomenon that the light appearance would get warmer when the brightness was lowered, which is also proven to be good for human mental health. This coincidence comes from the fact that incandescent bulbs illuminate due to thermal radiation, which is the most common lighting scene in nature and thus the one humans are most adapted to. Yet LEDs, which apply another luminescence principle for higher energy efficiency, do not have dim-to-warm phenomenon as an inherent property. That being said, the LEDs’ flexibility allows us to imitate most existing lighting phenomena for any purpose. This time, we are introducing a dim-to-warm LED strip developed by YUJILEDS® with its high light quality as always.

dim-to-warm LED strip

YUJILEDS® dim-to-warm LED strip applies Yuji’s unique CRI 95+ LEDs. With 2-pin controlling, the CCT goes softly from 3000K down to 1800K when you dim the brightness, which creates a naturally comfortable lighting scene of sun set. Under warm and soft lighting environment, living, reading, and leisure will become pleasant and enjoyable. By lowering the M/P ratio of LEDs to 0.304 at 1800K, it creates a friendly environment for releasing melatonin and relaxing the circadian rhythm biologically, helping prepare for a nice sleep.

Applications of this dim-to-warm strip are various, including residential lighting, hotel lighting, airplane cabin lighting, etc.

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