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YUJILEDS® High CRI 95+ IP65/IP67 Waterproof LED Flexible Strip

YUJILEDS® High CRI 95+ IP65/IP67 Waterproof LED Flexible Strip

LED strips are exceptional decorations for residential or photography studio. However, LEDs are very sensitive to humidity, so for the wet and humid areas like bathroom, kitchen, yard or swimming pool, waterproof is a necessary option.

With YUJILEDS® IP65/IP67 solutions, it is possible to use the LED strip for applications in moist or dusty environments. Meanwhile, with the enhancement of YUJILEDS® high CRI technology, you could still experience excellent light quality as always.

Read on to know more about the meaning of IP Code and How YUJILEDS® achieve better accuracy.

What is an IP Code?

IP Code stands for Ingress Protection Code described in IEC 60529 (or EN 60529). It classifies the protection of an item’s mechanical and electrical components against dust, water and other physical contact.

An IP code consists of word “IP” plus 2-digit number. The first digit (0-6) indicates the rating of solid particle protection and second one (0-9) indicates the rating of liquid ingress protection. The rating 0 provides no protection for both kinds of intrusion, and a larger number refers to better protection. For more detailed indication of the digits, you could drop at Wikipedia.

IP65 and IP67 both have the highest level of solid particles protection, meaning that the item is immutable from the intrusion of dust and sand. For waterproof, IP65 provides protection from water jets from any direction while IP67 provides the protection of immersion under water up to 1m depth for less than 30 minutes.

Extra Advantages of YUJILEDS® on Color Accuracy

While most LED strips achieve waterproof by coating a protection layer around, this will dramatically affect the color accuracy and color rendering ability of the LEDs due to the absorption of the coating. There would be a large CCT drift (or more generally, the chromaticity coordinate drift) and cause decline in CRI as well. However, as accurate color rendering is always the pursuit of YUJILEDS®, we optimize the protection coating material and tune a special spectrum to match it. The eventual result comes no difference comparing to other YUJILEDS® high CRI LED products. 

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