BC Series High CRI 5555 LED MCPCB Sample - 5mm LED Replacement - Pack: 1

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Product Specifications

Yuji LED’s high CRI 5555L LED MCPCB provides a convenient PCB solution for high CRI LED applications. This module is a sample showing a replacement solution towards typical F5 5mm LEDs, with the higher power, higher lumen output but better cooling performance. Providing 95 CRI (typical), this versatile LED module can be used in a variety of applications demanding high color quality and performance.

**This product is just a sample to show the PCB solution of F5 5mm LEDs replacement. If you are interested in it or any other custom size, please contact us directly.


5555L LED Dimension 5.5 mm × 5.5 mm × 4.68 mm surface-mount LED
Aluminum PCB Dimension 60mm × 52mm × 2.0mm
Light Emitting Surface (LES) 2.8 mm × 3.5 mm × 0.7 mm
5555L LED If 60mA
Aluminum PCB If 120mA
5555L LED Vf 2.8V - 3.2V
Aluminum PCB Vf 24V
5555L LED Viewing Angle 60°
Luminous Flux 3200K 5600K
Ra typ. 95 typ. 95
R9 (typ.) typ. 90
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