Film Lighting

Film Lighting

  • What is film lighting?

    Film lighting is similar as photography & studio lighting which is the key factor for video and film production and a powerful tool for representing the dramatic effect created by the director, but photography lighting is always under still scene, while film lighting is more likely for motion scenarios. Film lighting also desires for high color rendition and accurate chroma lighting, besides, it requires additional functions than photography & studio lighting.

  • Color correction for plus / minus green.

    Different cameras have different spectral responses, this leads the image or video to bring different tones, generally with green or magenta tendency, then the function of reverse compensation is important for a universal light to make the final lighting always as correct white.

  • Multicolor solutions

    In film lighting, there is always the demand to add different colors for different effects, then besides high quality white light, accurate and full gamut color elements are necessary. Furthermore, it is not that simple to just add colors, the possibility to tune different hues and saturations decides if the light is used rationally.

  • Flicker-free lighting environment

    Different from photography & studio lighting, filming is dynamic, and slow motion is widely used for creating wonderful artistic effects which require strict flicker-free lighting environment. It is possible to see general flicker-free light, but it may not be qualified when turning the camera to higher speed.

  • What does YUJILEDS® offer for film lighting?

    • Industrial highest CRI / TLCI LED solutions for white light.

    • Wide CCT options with all feasible colors for film lighting including customization demand.

    • Saturated and accurate monochromatic LED solutions.

    • Integrated LED of high CRI / TLCI white light with monochromatic light.

    • Accessories that supporting multichannel control and anti-flicker feature at slow motion mode.

    • Service of customizing tunable spectrum for specialized projects or products.

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