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Film, Video and Photography Lighting

Lighting carries a great weight in film and video in terms of setting a tone and mood that directly effects the audience. While most productions still use the traditional tungsten or fluorescent light kits. While for years,, LED lights are becoming very common on-set in film and photography lighting industry.

Yuji LEDs are not only have better CRI values, but also possess its own characteristics which other LEDs do not have. For example, Yuji VTC series LEDs have more smooth wavelength spectrum, which is as much close as sunlight spectrum. This makes daylighting balanced LED emits more real daylight than any other LEDs on the market. For another one, with high R9 and R12 value (typical 90+), the LED lights will render a proper skin tones correctly.

To define ‘acceptable tolerance’ from lamp to lamp, LED manufacturers have adopted the MacAdam ellipse and SDCM (Standard Deviation of Color Matching) measurement of color consistency. Yuji LED shrink the range of Chromaticity Bin to achieve high performance of color consistency. To keep the tight CCT tolerance as 3 step MacAdam for single Bin and DUV is about ≤0±0.003, Yuji LEDs provides you the best color accuracy for filmmaking.



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