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AP Series (CRI 98)

AP Series (CRI 98)

Let's Touch The Sun, Now!

Improving the artificial lighting as close to the sunlight is the eternal pursuit for the top LED manufacturers. However, the artificial lighting gets far away from the naturalness after the incandescent and halogen because the illumination principles of the later artificial lights are far away from the blackbody radiation, including LED.

The sun essentially provides complete and homogenous spectral radiation in the visual wavelengths, while an LED is always combined by the blue or purple semiconductor die with blue/green/amber/red phosphors, in consequence, it is visualized to observe that from an LED spectrum, peaks and gaps always exist because of the respective characteristics of the die and phosphors, which can not be avoided generally.


Outstanding Spectral Quality

98% similarity to the CIE A, D50 and D65 illuminant
The AP series LED comes with three standard spectra of 2700K, 5000K and 6500K corresponding to the CIE illuminants of A, D50 and D65 respectively. Compared to these standards, the AP spectra achieve 98% similarity within one compact package, unprecedented for all of the market's LEDs.

Refuse any peaks or gaps
Standard illuminants always present completely uniform spectral power distributions, where a recent artificial light source can never simulate to a promising degree, especially for LED considering its particular illuminating principle. With the latest technology of Yujileds phosphor and package, it is finally available to achieve homogeneous spectra, in AP series LED spectra, there is no longer strong peaks or obvious gaps like a regular LED.

Absolute Color Rendition

Top-level TM-30 score
The TM-30 is a comprehensive and most convincing method for color rendition. It provides more metrics as the reference, including color fidelity and gamut from 99 evaluation samples, which means, compared to conventional metrics, the TM-30 will disclose more details to present the most authentic performance on color rendition.

The AP series TM-30 measurements are the most intuitive testifications. Giving the Rf 98, Rg 101 and all 99 color fidelities above 95, Yujileds AP series technology wins the highest level on the color rendition, not only for individual metrics but is stable quality.

Up to 99 CRI
Undoubtedly, the AP series performance under CRI metric system is equally top level. Achieving R1-R15 all above 90, the CRI score is up to 99 and is stable on different color temperatures of 2700K, 5000K and 6500K.

Up to 99 TLCI
Halogen and daylight are the most frequently used color temperatures in the broadcasting lighting environments, with the superb homogeneous spectrum and measure by the TLCI metric, the AP 2700K and 6500K are not compromised in the quality to ensure the correct colors in the cameras.

Uncompromised Efficacy And Reliability

As recognized via the illumination theory, a high color quality LED with remarkable color rendition is always not promising in efficacy, now with the breakthrough technology, AP series LED achieved 130lm/W which is a perfect balance between color rendition and efficacy.  

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    YUJILEDS® AP Series CRI 98 LED SMD -3030 - Pack: One reel/3000pcs

    FEATURES 0.2W nominal power consumption 3.0mm × 3.0mm universal package 120° emission angle Industrial highest and most consistent color rendition...

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