BC Series High CRI PipeBar Linear DIY Light - Pack: 4 pcs

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YUJI High CRI PipeBar Linear DIY Light

Yuji personalized high CRI LED Linear PipeBar can be spliced with the connectors, and several magnets on the back to ensure that it can adsorb on any surfaces of iron products.

In a convenient cylindrical form factor in short length, Yuji personalized high CRI LED lining fixture provides ultra-high CRI 95+ soft light that is controllable and dimmable without color shift or flickering. Whether used in a single option or multi-lamp connected option, PipeBar is the perfect soft-light lamp for modeling faces and illuminating backgrounds.

  • The original handheld LED Lights
  • Tungsten and Daylight Color temperature
  • 95+ CRI
  • Dimmable output from 5% to 100%
  • Flicker-Free
  • Lifetime 50K hours (Tc < 70℃)
  • Warranty: 3 years



    Length:305mm, Width:23.5mm, Height:15mm. (Customizable)

    If you want the connectors for connection of "T" form or square form, please contact us to buy more connectors.

    Input Voltage DC 24V
    Power Comsumption 8W per module (56 LEDs per module)

    Color Temp CCT


    2700K 6500K
    Ra 95  95
    Lumen Output 420 - 495 lm per module
    Driver  Yuji Flicker-free Dimmable Power Supply (Not Included In the Pack)
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    Customize Dimension

    Product code Dimension Product code Dimension Product code Dimension
    LF1-0095 95*23.5*15mm LF1-0165 165*23.5*15mm  LF1-0235 235*23.5*15mm
    LF1-0375 375*23.5*15mm LF1-0445 445*23.5*15mm  LF1-0515 515*23.5*15mm
    LF1-0585 585*23.5*15mm LF1-0655 655*23.5*15mm LF1-0725 725*23.5*15mm
    LF1-0795 795*23.5*15mm LF1-0865 865*23.5*15mm  LF1-0935 935*23.5*15mm
    LF1-1005 1005*23.5*15mm LF1-1075 1075*23.5*15mm  LF1-1145 1145*23.5*15mm
    LF1-1215 1215*23.5*15mm LF1-1285 1285*23.5*15mm LF1-1355 1355*23.5*15mm
    LF1-1425 1425*23.5*15mm LF1-1495 1495*23.5*15mm LF1-1565 1565*23.5*15mm
    LF1-1635 1635*23.5*15mm LF1-1705 1705*23.5*15mm  LF1-1775 1775*23.5*15mm
    LF1-1845 1845*23.5*15mm LF1-1915 1915*23.5*15mm LF1-1985 1985*23.5*15mm
    • Film and studio lighting
    • Cabinet lighting
    • Photography lighting
    • Aquarium lighting
    • Gallery lighting
    • DIY lighting projects

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