YUJILEDS® Full Spectrum CRI 98 Bi-Color LED Flexible Strip - Circadian Rhythm Tunable White - for Human Centric Lighting

SKU YJ-VTC-HRB-2835-12V-G02-2765


  • Full emission spectrum close to sun light
  • CCT tunable from 2700K to 6500K (3200K to 5600K)
  • 10 mm width flexible PCB with adhesive backing
  • 16.5W per meter (5W per foot)
  • Comes in a 16.5-ft reel (5 meters)
  • 12V/24V constant voltage compatible
  • 120 LEDs per meter (3.3ft)
  • Cuttable every 3 LEDs (25 mm) for 12V, cuttable every 6 LEDs (50 mm) for 24V
  • Available for matching Yuji Flicker Free Dimmable Power Supply
  • RoHS & CE Compliant
  • 1pcs single and 1pcs double solderless connectors are included in the packaging
  • In stock and ships in 1-2 business days
  • 2 year warranty

Human Centric Lighting

YUJILEDS® provide the best color rendering ability on the market, it used the violet LED stimulates red, green and blue phosphors, provides a full spectrum close to that of sunlight with up to 98 CRI. Use our lighting, can give you as the feeling that basks in natural sunshine, be helpful for physiology health and the joy of the mood.
Warm white light of about 3000K is the best choice for nighttime lighting. They contain less of the blue light (420-480nm) which can alert our brain, getting closer to dusk light, conform to the circadian rhythm. Using this kind of lighting can help you improve the quality of sleep.
The cold white light of about 6000K is the nature sunlight color in 10-12 o 'clock. Working in such lighting conforms to the biological clock of human evolution, so that you have higher working efficiency and concentration.
The Bicolor Strip operates on two separate circuits for each color, so depending on the total current provided to each circuit, any color temperature in the range of 2700K to 6500K can be realized. You can adjust it to the most appropriate light color at different time of the day, conforms to the circadian rhythm. Giving you the most comfortable and healthy light environment.

High Color Rendering Index

CRI is a standardized way of measuring how accurately a light source renders colors of objects. Yuji LEDs with high CRI value of above 95 and up to 98 make the lights render objects’ color incredibly beautiful, vivid, and natural. This makes them perfect for photography, film making, gallery, color management, display as well as any other occasions where the high-quality lights needed.

Color Consistency (SDCM)

Tighter chromaticity tolerance is always pursued by Yuji LED lights since color consistency is getting more and more important. Yuji improves the consistency of lights gradually from the beginning and reduces the chromaticity BIN to make lights with tight CCT tolerance as lower than 3 steps MacAdam as well as DUV≤0±0.003.

Power & Dimmer

-Yuji Flicker Free Dimmable Power Supply for Bicolor Led Ribbon
-Yuji Flicker Free Dimmable Power Supply for Single Color Led Ribbon
-Yuji 5 Channels DMX512 & RDM High PWM Frequency Anti-flicker Decoder

Dimmable & Tunable

With dimmers, Yuji high CRI LED lights’ brightness can be lower or higher. By changing the voltage input through Flicker Free LED driver or Flicker Free DMX dimmer, it is possible to lower or higher the intensity of the light output.
Regarding the color temperature, Yuji Bicolor LED lights, RGB, RGBW or RGBWW LED lights offers the ability to change the color temperature by manually adjustment. Working with Yuji Flicker Free LED driver or Flicker Free DMX dimmer, you are able to build your tunable lighting system to control the color temperature of your lights.

Flicker Free

Flicker of a light source stands for the visible rapid or quick and repeated changes in the brightness overtime. The light will visibly appear flutter and be unsteady in your eyes or cameras. To achieve anti-flicker lighting, a proper LED driver or a good LED dimmer is necessary. We make our Flicker Free LED driver and Flicker Free DMX dimmer to solve flicker problem of lights.

Additional heat management (cooling) for Yuji High CRI LED Strips

In general, we make our LED strip available for lighting without any additional heat sink in an open place. What if you want to install Yuji LED strip in an airtight place, it is better to use additional heat sink for operation.

Shipping, Warranty & Return

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