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【LMF】For Art & Crafting

【LMF】For Art & Crafting

Whether you’re an artistic person or not, our eyes are sensitive to light quality and color. Crafters and artists work with colors, intricate materials, and lighting. True to color is key to helping them produce great work. This is why they need lighting that renders colors properly while protecting their eyes. If artists and crafters can't spot the difference in their studio, it could impact how their work is received from someone looking at it under different lighting. This is because CRI affects the quality of light, and for people whose work depends on high-quality light to see fine details, it can have a negative effect on their projects.

Yuji SunWave™ family demonstrates ultra-high CRI up to Ra98. Unique R9 boosting technology enables its white light with strong ability to render color, particularly human skin tones. These lamps are designed with high CRI values to support the quality of your work while preventing eye strain.

There are two main kinds of light: natural and artificial. A great art paint or traditional handicraft lit directly with noontime sunlight will render much different than lit under a fluorescent bathroom light.

By prolonging the spectrum coverage 50% more than regular LED lamps with introduction of far more kinds of lighting phosphors, Yuji SunWave™ family creates close sunlight power distribution and reaches industrial high CRI up to Max 99 for artificial lights at this moment.

Yuji SunWave™ unique violet technology enables the optical brighteners in white pigments to work, making white color under SunWave light as pure as under sunlight.

Also, good light is able to upgrade exhibition spaces to ranging from a single piece of art work to the exhibition in an art gallery in your home.

Yuji SunWave™ can meet the extreme needs of color reproduction in most senses. Brightness, white purity, and color rendering are primes in quality lamp. Yuji SunWave™ family introduces full forms of LED lamps with bright, pure, and vivid white lights for daily consumption and professional applications.

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