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【LMF】For Education

Study room lighting design can completely transform the way an academic space feels and functions. Flickering fluorescent lights are thought to cause headaches and discomfort, but high-quality LED lighting for study rooms create a more comfortable learning environment for children.

Students already have to worry about protecting their eyes because of the heavy duty in paper works. Constant use of bright light without protection causes retinal damage, which is a major source of concern for their parents. 

The positive influence of the right light on the ability to concentrate, well-being and safety has long been scientifically proven.

As the closest product to sunlight, Yuji SunWave™ can reach more than 95% similarity the visible part of sunlight. Compared with common LEDs, Yuji SunWave™ contains a certain amount of violet light, weakens the blue light, and enhances the red light. Lamps sources with high CRI, like Yuji SunWave™ series lights, using LEDs with up to 98 CRI so that objects appear more vibrant, real, and visually appealing, can differentiate close colors from each other perfectly, so they don't need to strain their eyes further to separate close colors from each other.


Desk lamps provide adjustable task lighting that can be aimed in a specific direction, for demanding visual tasks such as reading and writing. Plug-in table and floor lamps are also commonly used to provide task lighting for working and reading.

Yuji SunWave™ provides with 230 degree beam angle and the higher lumen rating enable it to provide a wider and more uniform light distribution and higher brightness in a small form factor. 

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