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【LMF】For Work

【LMF】For Work

It’s no secret that quality of lighting affects the way we feel and behave. Dim, soft light can put us to sleep, while bright, blue light from sunlight and computers keeps us alert and awake. And while these effects are always important for our wellbeing, they’re more important than ever when it comes to high-quality work place lighting.

The most effective working happens under comfortable, high-quality lighting.

Using a 60 to 80-watt light bulb with higher CRI 95+ is a good option for detail-oriented tasks. Choose high quality neutral white LED bulbs that are close to natural daylight and place less strain on your eyes. True to color is key to helping people produce great work. This is why they need lighting that renders colors properly while protecting their eyes. 

By prolonging the spectrum coverage 50% more than regular LED lamps with introduction of far more kinds of lighting phosphors, Yuji SunWave™ family creates close sunlight power distribution and reaches industrial high CRI up to Max 99 for artificial lights at this moment.

Desk lamps provide adjustable task lighting that can be aimed in a specific direction, for demanding visual tasks such as reading and writing. Plug-in table and floor lamps are also commonly used to provide task lighting for working and reading.

Yuji SunWave™ provides with 230 degree beam angle and the higher lumen rating enable it to provide a wider and more uniform light distribution and higher brightness in a small form factor.

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