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YUJILEDS® UVC 270nm 3535 LED Flexible Strip for Germicidal Disinfection - 12 LEDs/m - Pack: 5m/reel

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SKU YJ-UVC-RB-3535-24V-G01


UVC light below 400nm poses biological risks to human health. Use properly with a high degree of care during operation:

1. Do not look directly into a UV LED while it is in operation, as it can be harmful to the eyes, even for brief periods.

2. Use suitable UV filtered glasses or goggles to avoid damage to the eyes.

3. Avoid any direct eye exposure to the emission of a UV LED.

4. Avoid long-term exposure to skin or other tissue.

5. Keep the product out of reach of children.

YUJILEDS® assume users of this UV product are aware of the safety risks surrounding the use and accept no responsibility for any harm or injury arising by this product.

  • Ultraviolet LED SMD strip (peak wavelength 270nm)
  • 12 LEDs/m
  • 3.84W/m rated power consumption
  • 5m/reel
  • 180mW UV output (36mW/m) 
  • Ideal for UVC sterilization
Part Number YJ-UVC-RB-3535-24V
Dimensions 5000mm*10mm
LED Density 12 LEDs/m
Cuttable Length 250mm (per 3 LEDs)
Input Voltage DC 24V
Power per Meter 3.84W
Radiant Flux per Meter 36mW
Peak Wavelength 270nm
Beam Angle 120°
Waterproof Rating IP33
Warranty 1 year
This YUJILEDS® UVC 3535 LED strip emits 270nm deep UV light and provides 36mW/m radiant output in a flexible and easy-to-install strip light form factor. It is cuttable every 3 LEDs (25cm), making it extremely versatile. With peak wavelength at 270nm, it is ideal for applications such as sterilization, UV detection and communication technologies, as well as medical treatment.

Power Supply: Compatible with YujiElecs 120W IP67 Waterproof Power Supply for LED Strips. 
Please choose the correct voltage (24V) version. 

Strip Connector: 1pcs single and 1pcs double solderless connectors are included in the packaging. 
For additional connectors, purchase YujiLights™ 2 Pin Piercing Grip Strip Connector for Single Color LED Strips – Pack: 5pcs/10pcs 

Aluminum Channel: YujiLights™ Aluminum Channel - for LED Strips - Pack: 5m


Disinfection, air & water sterilization, ultraviolet detection & communication, medical treatment and skin disease treatment, etc.