The Steps Of Purchasing/Paying

↑1. First of all, we suggest to create an account, in this way, it will be more convenient to find the history information of your orders and be easier to fill the shipping information when you are about to place another order. 


↑2. You can click "PURCHASE" or the collections under "PRODUCTS CATEGORIES" to check the products you need. 

↑3. Taking 5630 ribbon as an example. 

↑4. Choosing the specs you need, then click "Add to Cart".

↑5. If you already finish what you need, then click "View cart and check out".

↑6. If you still need other products, please repeat the step of 2. 

↑7. To go to the cart, please click "View cart and check out" or "X items".

↑8. Then you will arrive at this page, you can add or reduce the quantity or remove the products, after the operating please click "Update quantities", then click "Proceed to Checkout".


↑9. In this page, please fill all the blanks of your shipping information, especially for the phone number, and it would be safer if you can provide a company name of your address. Then click "Continue to next step".

↑10. In this page, you will choose one way to finish the payment. We recommend to choose "PayPal", it supports to pay by your PayPal account or by your credit card directly. Click "Complete my purchase".

↑11. If you would like to pay by your PayPal account, please choose "Pay with my PayPal account", and fill the necessary information, after this you have completed the entire process. 

↑12. If you would like to pay by credit card directly, please choose "Pay with a credit or debit card", and fill the necessary information, after this you have completed the entire process. 

↑13. If you choose "Bank Deposit" at the 10th step, this page will show. Please note our bank information and operate the payment/transfer as soon as possible. After finishing the payment/transfer, please contact us through the link in home page timely, and also contact by this way if you need to send any inquiries to us. 

After finishing the payment, we will deliver products in 3 working days if there is no special notice or explanation. 

Please leave a message to us as below if you have any other questions about purchasing or paying. 

We wish you have a wonderful experience on our high CRI products.




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