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BC Series High CRI COB LED - 135L - Unit: 5 pcs

BC Series High CRI COB LED - 135L - Unit: 5 pcs


Yuji LED’s 135L series high CRI COB provides high CRI, high luminous flux in a compact 13.5 mm square footprint solution. Providing 95 CRI (minimum) at up to 1100 lm, this mid-power LED can be used in a variety of applications demanding high color quality and light output.

Update: improved ceramic frame and keeping the same size and price.

- Ease of installation, no need to use screws to fixation.

- Improved die stability. Due to the similar expansion factor between ceramic substrate and the die material, the bonding material will maintain stability as temperature rises during operation, reducing the possibility of failure.

- Due to the lower expansion factor, the performance of heat dissipation is improved.

- Dielectric capability of up to 4000V due to the insulation properties of ceramic.

9 W nominal power consumption
13.5 mm × 13.5 mm x  0.7 mm  chip-on-board LED 
120° emission angle
CRI 95 Ra
RoHS Compliant


Nominal Wattage: 9 W

Rated current: 600 mA

Forward Voltage: 14 - 17 V

Luminous Flux (2700K): 750 - 850 lm

Luminous Flux (3200K): 750 - 850 lm

Luminous Flux (5600K): 900 - 1100 lm

Luminous Flux (6500K): 900 - 1100 lm


Constant current DC power supply capable of providing up to 700 mA in the 12 - 18 V range.

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