BC Series High CRI LED SMD 5730L Sample Package

SKU YJ-BC-5730L-G01-SP

Yuji LED’s high CRI 5730 SMD provides a no-compromise high CRI, high efficacy solution. Providing 95 CRI (mininum) at 90 lm/W, this mid-power LED can be used in a variety of applications demanding high color quality and performance.

We provide sample package for a quick evaluation for customers with lower cost, each unit of sample package contains:


2700K: 20pcs

3200K: 20pcs

4000K: 20pcs

5000K: 20pcs

5600K: 20pcs

6500K: 20pcs


0.5 W nominal power consumption
5.7 mm × 3.0 mm × 0.8 mm surface-mount LED
120° emission angle
CRI 95 Ra
RoHS Compliant
LM80 Tested


Nominal Wattage: 0.5 W

Rated current: 150 mA 

Forward Voltage:

Luminous Flux (2700K): 40-45lm

Luminous Flux (3200K): 40-45lm

Luminous Flux (4000K): 43-49lm

Luminous Flux (5000K): 47-53lm

Luminous Flux (5600K): 47-53lm

Luminous Flux (6500K): 47-53lm



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