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YUJILEDS® Standard Illuminant CRI 98 LED Flexible Strip – D50 for Jewelry Lighting

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Original price $325.88
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SKU YJ-VTC-RB-2835-24V-G02-D50
  • Full emission spectrum close to sun light
  • Simulated for CIE D50
  • Chromaticity coordinate tolerance conforms to ISO3664:2000
  • Available in D50(5000k)
  • Used for color viewing, color proof, printing lighting, visual color matching industries
  • 16.5W per meter (5W per foot)
  • Comes in a 16.5ft reel ( 5 meters)
  • 12V/24V constant voltage compatible
  • 120 LEDs per meter (3.3ft)
  • Cuttable every 3 LEDs (25mm) for 12V, cuttable every 6 LEDs (50mm) for 24V
  • Compatible with Yuji Flicker Free Dimmable Power Supply
  • RoHS & CE compliant
  • 2 years warranty



Jewelry on the light source requirements are very strict, the light source is required to have extremely high lumen efficiency, color rendering, light color uniformity, color bright realistic and not sensitive for temperature changes.
As the standard illuminant of daylight simulation, D50 is widely used for color viewing, color proof, printing lighting, visual color matching industries, medical lighting, jewelry lighting as norm light.


CRI is a standardized way of measuring how accurately a light source renders colors of objects. Yuji LEDs with high CRI value of above 95 and up to 98 make the lights render objects’ color incredibly beautiful, vivid, and natural. This makes them perfect for photography, film making, gallery, color management, display as well as any other occasions where the high-quality lights needed.


Tighter chromaticity tolerance is always pursued by Yuji LED lights since color consistency is getting more and more important. Yuji improves the consistency of lights gradually from the beginning and reduces the chromaticity BIN to make lights with tight CCT tolerance as lower than 3 steps MacAdam as well as DUV0±0.003.


Flicker of a light source stands for the visible rapid or quick and repeated changes in the brightness overtime. The light will visibly appear flutter and be unsteady in your eyes or cameras. To achieve anti-flicker lighting, a proper LED driver or a good LED dimmer is necessary. We make our Flicker Free LED driver and Flicker Free DMX dimmer to solve flicker problem of lights.


Power Supply: Compatible with YujiElecs 120W IP67 Waterproof Power Supply for LED Strips. 
Please choose the correct voltage (12V / 24V) version. 

Strip Connector: 1pcs single and 1pcs double solderless connectors are included in the packaging. 
YujiLights™ 2 Pin Piercing Grip Strip Connector for Single Color LED Strips – Pack: 5pcs/10pcs 

Aluminum Channel: YujiLights™ Aluminum Channel - for LED Strips - Pack: 5m