YujiLights™ Standard Illuminant CRI 98 D50 5000K T8 LED Tube Basic (ISO3664:2000) for Color Inspection - Pack: 3pcs

SKU YJT812018WVG0150
  • CIE D50 (Daylight 5000K) T8 LED tube light for critical color viewing applications in printing, graphic arts, paint, textile, food and industrial applications.
  • ISO3664:2000 compliant
  • 4ft (1.2m) T8 tube and custom lengths available
  • Full spectrum sunlight: 400nm-780nm
  • High CRI: CRI≥97, R990, R12=85
  • Low metamerism indices: MIvis≤0.6, MIuv3.0
  • Accurate chromaticity coordinate: (u’10= 0.2102, v’10=0.4889), ΔE0.005
  • Long lifetime: >10,000 hours (ISO3664:2000 conformance)
  • High stability and saves labor cost on relamping
  • 18 Watt (4ft) power consumption, 36W fluorescent lamp equivalent
  • AC 90V-277V Power Supply included
  • Not dimmable
  • Applicable to T8 fluorescent tubes troffer
  • No noise, no flicking, mercury-free
  • Compliant with CE and RoHS standards, UL certification in progress
  • Compliant with most color viewing booths on the market
Input Voltage AC 90V-277V , 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 18W
Illuminance at 1.0m ~400lux (110V AC), ~420lux (220V AC)
Chromaticity ( u’, v’ ) (0.2102, 0.4889)
MIvis ~ 0.6
MIuv ~ 3.0  


YUJI now releases this high quality D50 LED T8 tube which offers the high color rendering index (Ra 97+) and low metamerism indices in both visible and ultraviolet range. These tubes could create an ideal viewing condition in compliant with ISO3664: 2000 standard. Energy use will be reduced by over 30%. These tubes could be used as standard light source for critical color viewing in printing plants, color viewing booths and stations, textile manufacturing, paint manufacturing, food manufacturing, garbage classification as a favorable replacement of fluorescent lamps.    


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