Standard Illuminant CRI 98 D65 6500K MCPCB LED Module - Pack: 10 pcs

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SKU YJ-VTC-MOD-5730-24-G01-D65


D65 standard illuminants are based on the daylight curve that runs above the blackbody, D65 has a spectral energy distribution that closely matches that of a blackbody at 6500K. YUJI now release this high quality standard illuminant D65 MCPCB LED module which offer the high color rendering index (Ra 97+). These MCPCB LED modules could create an ideal viewing condition for critical color inspections in textile, dye, paint, automobile, leather.



  • CIE D65 (Daylight 6500K) MCPCB LED module light for critical color viewing applications in textile, dye, paint, automobile, leather manufacturing and industrial applications
  • 1ft (30.48cm) standard MCPCB
  • 400nm-780nm full spectrum sunlight
  • CRI≥97, R990
  • Wago 2060-902 connectors included
  • Dimmable
  • No noise, No flicking, Mercury-free


Weight: 0.5kg per Package 

Compatible with Yuji Flicker Free Dimmable Power Supply.

One pack (10pcs MCPCB) needs 2pcs power supply.

When choosing a power supply, please be sure to select 24V to ensure compatibility with this product.



1. When you receive the MCPCB, it could be like this:

2. We have prepared grooves for splitting up, please kink along the grooves back and forth. 


3. It would need some strength to separate, please try not to touch the chips on the board. If you need the individual PCBs, please let us know in advance, we will separate it for you. 

10pcs Wago 2060-902 connectors are included in the packaging. 

Double-ended board-to-board connectors for Yuji LED's MCPCB Modules allow for quick and effective linear connectivity.

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