YUJILEDS® VTC Series High CRI LED 2835 Hybrid Color Temperature LED Flexible Strip - 120 LED/M - Pack: 5M/REEL

SKU YJ-VTC-HRB-2835-12-G01-2765

Our high CRI LEDs provide the best color rendering ability on the market.

LED ribbons are extremely versatile and easy to install. For many applications, however, selecting an LED product with sufficient color rendering is crucial.  While most LED strips on the market have about 80 CRI, we offer LEDs with up to 98 CRI so that objects appear more vibrant, real, and visually appealing.

The hybrid color temperature ribbon operates on two separate circuits for each color, so depending on the total current provided to each circuit, any color temperature in the range of 2700K to 6500K can be realized.

**Caution: the binning rule of each batch is different, therefore the color temperature tolerance of one batch LED strip will be different with another batch. If you purchased our LED strips products before, please notice the Bin code and do not use two orders' strips together. Let us know your requirements if you want.



5 meters per roll, 120 LEDs per meter, cuttable in every six (12V) or twelve (24V) LEDs, Width: 10 mm, 3M Adhesive backing for easy installation


Available in 5M per pack - price reflects $ / 5m(reel)

1pcs single and 1pcs double solderless connectors are included in the packaging

Size: 25cm*24cm*4cm

Weight: 300g

Color Temperature

2700K + 6500K   3200K + 5600K

luminous Flux (Lumen)


2700K: 350lm

3200K: 350lm

5600K: 450lm

6500K: 450lm

Hybrid 4000K: 950lm

CRI Value (Ra typ.)

Above 95 up to 98


≤3 steps

Power Consumption

18W per Meter

Input Voltage

12V or 24V


12V version

24V version

  • High CRI (up to 98 Ra) to illuminate objects' true colors
  • Full emission spectrum close to sun light
  • Stepless dimming : 3200K ~ 5600K / 2700K ~ 6500K
  • Luminous flux
  •  2700K: 420lm/m
  •  6500K: 480lm/m
  •  Mix 4000K: 900lm/m
  • RoHS Compliant

Available for matching Yuji Flicker Free Dimmable Power Supply.

One reel needs 2pcs power supply.

Please choose the correct voltage(12V / 24V) version PSU.

Optoelectronic Parameters (Ta=25℃)

Part No. Voltage CRI R9-R15
2835 SMD LED Ribbon Violet chip Double Color Temperature, 120 LEDs/m 12 V / 24 V Ra: 98 R9, R12 > 90


  1. Product optoelectronic parameters and performance level calibrations are based on Yuji’s measurement standards; customer must confirm that the products are suitable for their application.
  2. All tests were conducted on Beijing Yuji’s core optical standard equipment, and the data are transient test data.

Retail lighting

Home renovations

Photography lighting

Aquarium lighting

Gallery lighting

DIY lighting projects

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