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YUJILEDS® Full Spectrum CRI 98 MCPCB LED Module - Pack: 10pcs

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Original price $170.00
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SKU YJ-VTC-MOD-5730-24-G01-27
  • 21 pcs VTC5730
  • 2x terminal block connectors for easy hookup on both ends (stranded or solid wire, 0.2mm-0.75mm diameter)
  • Can be connected end-to-end (daisy chain) without change in input voltage*, connectors are contained in the package.
  • Can be powered by a 24V DC (constant voltage) power supply
  • 8.6W nominal power consumption
  • 280mm×20mm×2.0mm metal-core PCB
  • 120° emission angle
  • CRI >95 up to 98
  • RoHS compliant
  • Zhaga compliant linear PCB
  • Constant current variant available on request
Dimensions 280mm*20mm*2.0mm


Luminous Flux

2700K 480lm - 545lm
3200K 520lm - 630lm
5000K 545lm - 630lm
5600K 560lm - 650lm
6500K 610lm - 700lm
CRI >95 up to 98, R9 > 90
Power Consumption
Input Voltage DC 24V
Certification CE/RoHS
Warranty 3 years



YUJILEDS® high CRI VTC5730 LED module provides a convenient PCB solution for high CRI LED applications, compatible with 24V constant voltage power sources. Providing 98 Ra (typical) at 70 lm/W, this versatile LED module can be used in a variety of applications demanding high color quality and performance.


    Power Supply: Compatible with: YujiElecs 120W IP67 Waterproof Power Supply.

    *Make sure to select 24V to ensure compatibility with this product.

    Connector: 10pcs Wago 2060-902 connectors are included in the packaging.

    Double-ended board-to-board connectors for YUJILEDS® MCPCB Modules allow for quick and effective linear connectivity.

    Connector Spec Sheet 

    Dsc 0964 grande Dsc 0969 grande

    Dsc 0967 grande Dsc 0966 grande 


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