Yamada Lighting Z-Light LED Desk Light Z-208PRO/ Z-209PRO


YUJILEDS® is always dedicated to providing high quality and high CRI light sources and fixtures to our customers. After careful selection and rigorous tests, we now sincerely introduce to you a new table lamp that represents our position, Yamada lighting Z-208PRO/ Z-209PRO desk lamp.

  • High CRI LED (Ra 97) light source
  • Multiple CCT options (5000K/ 6500K) available
  • Exclusive lamp shape designed by Yamada
  • Illuminates a wide area without unevenness
  • 7-level dimming by rotary switch
  • Solid and durable large joint knob,multi-directional adjustment
  • Dedicated fixed base: Iron C-Clamp
  • Input voltage: AC100V
Product Name Z-208PRO Z-209PRO
CRI (Ra) 97 97
CCT 5000K 6500K
Weight 2.3kg 2.3kg
LED Tube Length 540mm 540mm
(At 40cm height)
2,240lx 2,240lx
Input Voltage AC100V AC100V
Luminous Flux  1367lm 1367lm
Luminous Efficacy 71.9 lm/W 71.9 lm/W
Rated lifetime 40000h 40000h
Iron C-Clamp Throat Depth: 55mm Throat Depth: 55mm

1. Use Ra97 high CRI LED

This light could be used as a professional work light.

2. Two color temperatures are avalible: 5000k and 6500k.

5000K:Z-208PRO            6500K:Z-209PRO

3. Exclusive lamp shape designed by Yamada. (Please note that the LED tube can not be replaced.)

The lamp shade design concentrates light and illuminates a wide area without unevenness.

4. 7-level dimming by rotary switch: 1-7.

5. Made of aluminum alloy and resin, sturdy and durable.

6. Easy to use.

The neck joint can be rotated 180 ° on each of the three axes. With long arm, we could get the best lighting position.


Task light, reading Light


With dedicated fixed base: iron C-Clamp

Throat Depth: 55mm


*Adapter: the plug of Z-208PRO/ Z-209PRO light is Japanese version, you will need to buy an adapter for it.

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