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YUJILEDS® Full Spectrum (350nm-1000nm) 5050 LED SMD with PCB (50x50mm)

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Original price $40.00
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  • Full spectrum coverage between 350nm 1000nm
  • Homogeneous spectral power distribution
  • CCT 7500K
  • 50 mm × 50 mm package
  • 120° emission angle
  • CE & RoHS compliant
Dimensions with PCB 50mm*50mm
Part Number P3210004.00
CCT 7500K
Luminous Flux 130lm
CRI 95
Beam Angle 120°
Input Voltage 9V
Rated Current 400mA
Warranty 3 years


Photometric Report

YUJILED ultra full-spectrum LED is not only for high CRI applications or horticulture lighting, but is also a meaningful reference for the solar spectrum simulation. The Air Mass 1.5 global spectrum presents wide wavelength coverage from ultraviolet to deep infrared.

The key benefit of YUJILED ultra full-spectrum LED is the compact package size of 5.0mm*5.0mm (without PCB) but contains such homogenous spectral power distribution, this provides unprecedented flexibility of the product design especially in space-limited conditions.

This LED was developed to provide broad wavelength coverage, flat spectral shape and high radiant flux density for scientific research and industrial inspection applications.

Caution: This full-spectrum LED is designed and considered for non-visual and non-human-centric purposes, and the potential biological risk due to the spectral content of UV is reminded and emphasized here. Users should well understand the risk and take appropriate protections when applying this LED.


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