YUJILEDS® High CRI 95+ 3000K T8 LED Tube for Meat Retail Lighting - Pack: 6pcs/25pcs

SKU YJT812020WBG01MT30-1


  • A patent product
  • High CRI LED light with true color rendition
  • Meat looks naturally fresh and visually alike as under fluorescent lamp
  • Fresh looking meat within polyethylene bags
  • Reduce meat discoloration, prolong shelf time
  • Cold light keeps meat cool
  • Create a memorable shopping experience
  • Designed for supermarket, butcher’s shop, restaurant, hotel and kitchen
  • Applicable to T8 fluorescent tubes troffer
  • 20W (4ft) power consumption, 36W fluorescent lamp equivalent
  • No UV and IR radiation
  • No noise, No flicking, Mercury-free
  • Compliant with CE, RoHS standards


YUJI now release this high-quality LED T8 tubes for meat retails. These tubes offer the high color rendering index (Ra 90+) 3000K light under which meat (beef, pork, poultry, and etc.) looks naturally fresh and visually alike as under a 3000K conventional fluorescent lamp. Moreover, meat looks natural in thick polyethylene package without a dark blue or dark purple visual distortion. Energy use will be reduced by over 30%. These tubes could be used as a favorable replacement of fluorescent lamps in meat retails. It is designed for supermarket, butcher’s shop, restaurant, hotel and kitchen.



Electrical-optical specification (4ft T8 Tube)




100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power Factor


Power Consumption

20 W


3000K, custom CCT available



Illuminance at 1ft

1500 lux

Illuminance at 3ft

350 lux


2ft, 4ft, 5ft, custom lengths available


≥50,000 hours


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