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NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light
NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light
Everything about High Bay Light

Everything about High Bay Light

What is high bay lighting?

High bay lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. That usually means ceilings ranging from 20 feet to approximately 45 feet in height from the floor. High bay lights have high lumen output and are intended for industrial and commercial environments.

What are the benefits of LED high bay lighting?

  • 1. Improved light quality

Lighting performance is a key factor in evaluating the move to different types of lighting. From a performance standpoint, high bay light outperforms other similar products.

The special design of the LED makes it possible to distribute the light evenly over the intended surface. In addition, LED light source is a type of light source that can achieve high CRI in terms of light-emitting principle. You can choose high CRI LED high bay with higher light quality according to your requirements. The color of the object when they are emitted by the LEDs is very close to the color of the natural light. In terms of CRI, the high bay lights generally score higher in comparison with most other bulbs, and the LED high bay lights also have a series of CCT options for customers to choose to satisfy their different needs.

  • 2. More energy savings

Energy saving is currently the main driver behind the switch from current lighting to LED high bay lighting. According to published data, by switching to LED lighting, people can immediately reduce energy consumption by 40%-60%, thus achieving the purpose of saving electricity costs.

  • 3. Reduced maintenance cost

Although the initial cost of LEDs tends to be higher, their longer lifespan makes up for this. LED lights typically last four to forty times longer than many traditional commercial lighting bulbs, which means that worn-out bulbs don't need to be replaced frequently, greatly reducing the maintenance costs.

What is high bay lighting used for?

High bay lights are currently used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, including workshops, warehouses, manufacturing plants, fitness centers, indoor sports fields, zoos, airports and large retail stores. Their high power and small size make them ideal for applications where conventional lighting cannot provide sufficient illumination.

YUJILEDS currently has two mid-power UFO high bay lights available sale-150W UFO light and 200W UFO light both with a high CRI of 95+. They have excellent durability, high lumen output and compact design that is easy to set up and install. This design provides highly concentrated lighting while maintaining a high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.

Marwell Zoo in UK

How to choose a high bay light for your space?

  • Wattage

Low power (30-90 watts) - They are most popular with users who want to light up smaller areas in the most energy efficient way possible. They are common in commercial facilities, including retail shops, offices, parking garages and gas stations.

Medium power (100-230 watts) - In the medium power range, these medium power high bay lights are by far the most popular for commercial and industrial users. Lamps in this wattage range provide the best balance of lumen output and power consumption for most applications and are commonly found in warehouses, commercial facilities, and manufacturing centers.The power of the high bay lights currently sold by YUJILEDS is within this power range.

High power (280-360 watts) - These lamps provide the most intense lighting while still delivering the energy efficiency benefits of LED technology. Most used in sports fields, stadiums and other high ceiling installations that require a lot of light.

  • Lumen

Currently in the market, lumen output has replaced wattage as the main indicator of light performance.Here's a list of a few common lumen ranges we've listed to help customers choose from and purchase: 

Low lumens (4,000lm-20,000lm) - Lamps in this lumen value range are primarily used in applications that require high value lamps while having very good energy efficiency. These lamps are typically used to illuminate small to medium areas in manufacturing and commercial facilities, or non-critical areas that do not require intense lighting.

Medium lumens (21,000lm-35,000lm) – Lights with this lumen are by far the most popular and are typically used in warehouses and large commercial facilities as they are a good balance between lighting capacity and energy efficiency.

High lumens (40,000lm-50,000lm) - Lights in this range are by far the most powerful and use maximum lighting as the primary goal. They are usually used in sports stadiums, arenas and public places, which require abundant and intense lighting.

  • Color temperatures

In addition to choosing the correct wattage and lumen output, you also need to choose the correct CCT for the application. For example, some CCTs can improve worker concentration and productivity, while others are more suitable for relaxation and positive emotions. Regarding how to choose the color temperature, we also briefly summarize it for your reference:

3000K – 3000K is a warm color LED light mainly used in restaurants or houses. So, it's hard to find 3000K high bay lights on the market because these lights are designed for warehouses, industrial and commercial applications, not residential or hotel lighting applications.

4000K – 4000K is a natural color of light that you'll often find in your workspace. There are electrical contractors and construction industry customers who like this color temperature. Because it gives a warm atmosphere and it is very close to the color temperature of traditional lighting such as HID and fluorescent lamps.

5000K – 5000K LED high bay lights are by far the most common. This color temperature casts light closest to the cool white lighting of a daytime environment. This is ideal for general lighting in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other commercial spaces that require precise lighting. This color temperature is also most effective in higher CRI lighting, as it is the most natural of all color temperatures.

YUJILED high bay light 

YUJILEDS currently has two types of UFO high bay lights availableon sale, namely 150W High Bay UFO LED Light and 200W Motion Sensor High Bay UFO LED Light.

YUJILEDS High Bay Light




LED Wattage




13600 lm

22000 lm




Viewing Angle










Mid-sized areas


Mid-sized areas


These two high bay lights are designed for both industrial and commercial applications and provide ultra-high color quality of CRI 95+ and extensive brightness. They both can be easily installed in most areas by hook mount or chain mount.

The above are some purchasing suggestions for high bay lights, you can feel that by switching to LED lights, you will immediately see energy saving, reduction in the frequency of lighting maintenance, and improvement in overall lighting performance. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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