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【ZX】Museum Lighting

【ZX】Museum Lighting

How do you feel the history of an ancient antique and experience the elegance of a famous painting? You use perception- a unique special function of human beings.

We can feel the all of these perceptions are not coming from the light itself, but the feelings are interrelated with the light. Because of the light, the beauty is showcased. When the lights are turned off, nothing can be felt. Lighting is especially important for museums.

Improper lighting always creates a poor exhibit experience for the visitors. Whether for a museum or an art gallery, it is important to optimize the lighting conditions and enhance the viewing experience so that the audience can enjoy art and culture at its fullest potential.

What is the best lighting for museums and art galleries?

LED lighting technology is the best alternative light source in this respect. LED almost emits zero infrared radiation which is the main reason for generating the heat. Therefore, from the perspective of preservation of art, LED light sources will be the best choice.

As is so often the case, light will make most art paints change colors. when a masterpiece is on display, curators, lighting designers, and engineers work together in order to keep the lights low and the painting pretty at the same time.

Yuji Lighting® SunWave, CRI-MAX series products focus on provide optimal lighting solutions for all application scenarios may exist in museum lighting.

With high CRI and high quality lighting, all the lights look like sunlight without all the energy-wasting and paint-destroying UV.

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