Q ) Where will you ship your products?

A ) Right now, we can ship to all over the world.


Q ) Do you accept credit card as method of payment?

A ) Yes, the PayPal have the option to pay by credit card.


Q ) What kind of courier service do you have?

A ) Your shipment will usually arrive via the following carriers, depending on a variety of factors such as your destination, shipping weight and the Customs issue. 


- USPS (USA overseas warehouse)


- FedEx

- EMS (Russia)


Q ) How long would it take to receive my items after shipping the order?

A ) A rough estimate for delivering to any major country all over the world would be as below:

- Stock Orders with Air Parcel Shipment to USA or Canada(DHL/FEDEX/UPS/USPS): 2 to 5 working days

 - Stock Orders with Air Parcel Shipment to Europe or Australia (DHL/FEDEX/UPS/USPS): 4 to 6 working days


Q ) How long is the order processing time ?

A ) Most orders are typically ship within 1-2 business days, after which you will receive your tracking number. Sometimes your items may be out of stock - we will let you know if this happens, but those on back order are usually fulfilled within 5-20 business days.


Q ) What can I return the items?

A ) Please contact us at webstore@yujigroup.com with your order number if you want to exchange or return your item. We will arrange the after-sale service for you. Generally, most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by our online store can be returned within 15 calendar days of delivery for a full refund.

Please do not return any items to us without contacting us before.


Q ) Do you offer warranty on your products?

A ) Most of our products have a warranty period of at least 2 years from the date of purchase. To obtain warranty service, please contact us at webstore@yujigroup.com. and we will arrange the replacement for you .


Q ) Can I cancel my order?

A ) Yes, if your order has not yet been shipped, we will cancel the order for you at once. But if the order has been shipped, we shall not be able to cancel it for you.


Q ) What will happen if I give an incorrect shipping address?

A ) Please ensure your address several times before ordering. If you find something wrong with your address, please inform us as soon as possible before your order has not been shipped.

If a package is returned to us because of an address problem, we will reship the package to you or a corrected recipient address. You will be charged for the additional shipping fees.


Q ) LED Strip light is all only available in 5-meter reel, can I trim it down?

A ) Yes , you can trim the LED strips on the copper dots or solder joints. For 12v LED tape it is every 3 LEDs, for 24v it is every 6 LEDs. Exact cut points are listed on all of our LED Tapes.


Q ) Which driver do I need?

A ) When buying a driver for your LEDs strip lighting compatibility is very important. Be sure to use a driver with the same voltage output as is required for the tape you are installing.

If you use a driver with a higher voltage output than what is required for the tape (e.g. a 24v driver with 12v tape) this will result in a brighter light output in the short term, but the LED tape will burn out very quickly.

If you use a driver with a lower voltage output than what is required, the tape will not work at all.

If you purchase our 24V bicolor led ribbon, YUJI power supply (DPSU-CV100-24) can operate a full reel (5 m) of this LED strip.


QWhat is the differences between BC series and VTC series?

A) https://store.yujiintl.com/pages/frontpage


QHow to use DMX Decoder?

A) https://store.yujiintl.com/blogs/high-cri-led/how-to-build-a-dmx-512-control-system-for-your-lighting-requirements


QHow to choose heat sink for COB LEDs?

A) https://store.yujiintl.com/blogs/high-cri-led/how-to-select-a-good-cooler-for-your-led-cob


QWhat is the difference between 12V and 24V LED strip?

A) There is no difference in light quality between 12V and 24V version. The only thing different is the cuttable length, cuttable every three (12V) or six (24V) LEDs.



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