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NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light
NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light

Our Story

Welcome to YUJILEDS® high CRI webstore, the online store of Yuji International (YUJILEDS®). 

At Yuji, we specialize in professional LED lighting solutions featuring high light quality and custom design flexibility. Based upon our in-house phosphor expertise, we launched our own brand YUJILEDS® and began offering our own line of LEDs and solutions, trying to address the higher-end lighting markets requiring the highest color quality LED devices.

This online store is a platform to actualize our R&D achievements, demonstrate the application of our cutting-edge technologies in final products, and communicate directly with our customers and everyone the in the LED world. Our portfolio includes high CRI LED SMDs, LED strips, LED modules and LED lighting fixtures that can be broadly applied in scenarios such as commercial places, film and photography, horticulture, color inspection, gallery and museums, etc.

With our expertise and talented team, we are devoted to providing rapid and professional products and services to you. Should you have any questions regarding our products, services or your orders, please feel free to contact us at for further help.