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【ZX】Hospitality Lighting

【ZX】Hospitality Lighting

LED luminaires produce less waste light and more useful lumens than other lighting technologies. They are ideal for decorative and ambient lighting in retail outlets, hotels, restaurants and resorts.

Yuji Lighting® SunWave, CRI-MAX series products focus on provide optimal lighting solutions for all application scenarios may exist in and out hotels and restaurants.

Lighting should be designed for the customer. Customers appreciate lighting that provides ample illumination without being overbearing or adding to eye strain. You would need different light fixtures especially different CCTs to achieve that. But the same thing is a high quality light source. Our selection of all sorts of LED strips, LED linear lights, LED bulbs and fixtures provide high CRI and high quality lighting, making your food more appetizing with its true colors.

Yuji high CRI led lights are also more energy efficient than other options, which translates into lower electricity bills which is very important for commercial occasions.

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