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NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light
NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light
yujileds study room lighting

Study Room Lighting

Doing work, studying for exams or reading a book in the dark or in poor lighting can have a huge impact on our mood and can make you feel sleepy or irritated your eyes. Therefore, choosing the right lighting for a study room is as important as picking a good desk and chair.

Working under good lighting can help prevent headaches and eyestrain, as well as improve your energy and mood—which will ultimately improve your work and study efficiency and help you finish your task and do it properly. Well-designed lighting also makes a room more inviting.

When picking out any lighting products, for a study room, we recommend using neutral white or cool white LED products, because the light is crisp and bright, which can keep people alert and prevent fatigue. If you use warm white led lighting, your eyes will feel relaxed and you may want to rest instead of work. Cool white lights are better for task-oriented rooms, while warm white lights are better for bedrooms and living rooms.