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Yuji NormLite™

Yuji NormLite™

Standard lighting (Norm light) is needed for color management.

It is essential to use standard lighting (Norm light) for color management. When we observe an object with our eyes, its color is influenced by the surrounding lighting conditions and the reflection of the object. Additionally, due to the complex nature of the human eye, even the slightest variation in lighting and environment can result in significant color differences. As a result, an object may appear entirely different in various environments.

For industries that require consistent color appearance of materials or products between all participants in the supply chain, it is crucial to ensure that all colors are viewed in a strictly controlled environment that adheres to industry standards. Therefore, respective industries have established standards for color viewing and assessment.

Before the standard was established, every participant in the supply chain used different light sources. Each was seeing a different presentation of the color when viewing the product. Now with the industrial standards, everyone is seeing the same color out of the product.

YUJILEDS for color management

YUJILEDS has developed a range of standard lights specifically designed for color management applications. Drawing on their expertise in LED recipes and custom design, they can create and provide the most accurate and consistent lighting conditions for color viewing and assessment that meet industry standards. These standardized lights can be used for a variety of applications, including new material development, color matching, product evaluation and inspection, and quality control. By providing critical comparisons between target appearance and reproduction, they facilitate communication of color between all stages of production, increase consistency by removing the variable lighting conditions, and provide a professional atmosphere during reviews, thereby improving customer experience.

Yuji NormLite™ Family Features

YUJILEDS NormLite™ standard illuminant series provides high CRI (>95), high reliability, ISO standard compliant performance, long lifetime, accurate consistency, form factor customizability, and compatibility with most color viewing facilities (e.g. color viewing booths) on the market.

1. High CRI

Yuji NormLite LED products provide optimal lighting solutions for ultra-high CRI up to 98+. Designed with Yuji multi-phosphor high CRI technology, lamps perform excellent color rendering capability with R9 up to 95+ and give vivid visual effects for skin tones.

2. Full Spectrum

Yuji NormLite LED products provide optimal lighting solutions for the perfect simulation of sunlight. Designed with Yuji sunlight spectrum technology, lamps emit nearly 100% similar solar spectrum, giving people the same experience as sunlight.

3. Color Consistency

Yuji NormLite LED products guarantee that the color difference between different products is so subtle that the human eye cannot directly perceive the difference. Lighting designers can use these products with peace of mind.

4. Premium Thermal Management

Yuji NormLite LED products are suitable for use in the enclosed fixtures, subject to the maximum heatsink temperature limits stated in this datasheet. Yuji lamps are designed to safely turn down in any thermal environment not conducive to minimum airflow or proper ventilation.

5. Dimmable Light

Yuji NormLite LED products are compatible with a variety of dimmers and dimmable the light smoothly. The unique dimming technology enables this product to emit only 5% of the rated brightness, which can meet the usage scenarios under any design.