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NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light
NEW RELEASE | Artists Daylight 5000K LED Light
Residential Lighting-yuji

Residential Lighting

Modern architect Louis Kahn once said, "Light is the magic creator of space."

Lighting is the basic element to create an ambient atmosphere for a residential space, but its main function is to provide spatial lighting effects. Great residential lighting makes well-designed homes shine.

When choosing residential lighting products, there are three principles to follow: functionality, aesthetics and economy.


Residential lighting must be functional, which is the basic appeal of human beings for the light source since there was fire. When we choose light source and design lights, we should choose different lighting effects according to different spaces, different occasions, and different objects. The lighting in the living room needs to create a fresh atmosphere, the lighting in the dining room needs to create a warm and bright effect, the lighting in the bedroom needs to create a relaxing space, etc.

Based on high CRI, YUJILED releases CRI-MAX™️ seriesSunWave™series and Well24™ series LED products with the concept of bringing the sun indoor. By dividing the CCT of the products (warm white/neutral white/cool white) in order to you can enjoy high-quality lighting in the bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom and living room.


Beautiful home lighting design is the first and most important way to optimize a space and create an artistic atmosphere. To decorate the interior space, increase the space level, highlight the ambient atmosphere, the light source products used are very important.


Compared with traditional lighting products, LED lighting can achieve more than 50% energy saving through the improvement of luminous efficiency, through intelligent control, more than 20% energy saving can be achieved. Overall, compared with traditional lighting products, LED lighting can achieve energy savings of 50% to 75%.

YUJILEDS® selection of residential lighting options offers a wide variety of led flexible strip and residential lighting fixtures, making it easy to create a functional, eye-pleasing residential lighting design for home.