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100% meets spec easily, well made, no defects whatsoever
Excellent high-density strips, running the chips well below nominal power spec for nice long life. Color consistency and measurement have been spot on. So far these have been every bit as good as the 2835-based strips but with less dissipation in the limiting resistors. Yuji continues to be my DIY go-to for high CRI emitters and lighting strips.

Igor S.

Very happy with these so far. Easy to solder for a DIY project. The light output is great and colours look excellent. Using these for a DIY film scanner with 700ma driver. Postage was very fast with DHL.

Andrew W.

The package arrived properly. Tested the lights before soldering, all fine. Our room looks like a bright day outside now, wow! What a difference the CRI level can make. I love it.

Andy H.

Good lightsource for Lightbox. Changed the flourescend tube of my old Just normlight box to this LEDs. worked perfect for digitising filmnegativs and slides with a digital camera

Sönke D.

Updating old LED Panels

I have updated a couple of older panels and they are now more usable with a better quality of light and also are brighter Very pleased with these led’s

Stephen E.