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Should I Choose 4000K LED Lights?

Should I Choose 4000K LED Lights?

Light is present in our daily lives, whether as natural light outdoors or artificial light indoors, and it plays a crucial role in impacting our mood, productivity, and overall well-being.

What is lighting temperature?

Light color temperature refers to the visual appearance of light, which can range from warm to cool tones. It is measured on the Kelvin scale, where lower values represent warm white (yellow tones) and higher values represent cool white (blue tones).It is from 2700K to 6500K or higher (10000K).

What is 4000K?

A light color temperature of 4000K is unique that falls into the neutral range. It is between warm white (2700K-3200K) and daylight white (5600K-6500K),providing a balance between warm and cool lighting, named neutral white.

Where does 4000K compare to other color temperatures?

2700K is often described as 'warm white,” due to its yellowish-orange hue. It's the most similar color appearance to the traditional incandescent bulbs, creates a warm and comfortable area, giving people a more relaxing vibe. So, it is generally used in rooms where everyone gathers to visit or relax (living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc.).

3000K is warmer and crisper than 2700K and also named warm white with a yellowish hue. It is commonly associated with the color of halogen bulbs. This temperature range is often used in bedrooms, restaurants, spas, and places where a cozy and comfortable atmosphere is desired.

Neutral or natural White (4000K-5000K) creates a natural daylight effect. This is the best-selling strip as it mimics natural light and can be used comfortably anywhere in the home.

4000K emits a natural white color with a subtle hint of yellow, it often will be used in offices and commercial applications (clothing store, retail stores and rest room).

YUJILEDS Mission-02 Wellness Daylight 98 CRI 6000lm Floor Lamp 4000K for Office & Study Room

5000K has the most balanced color spectral distribution and has arguably the purest white color point. It is mostly used in warehouse, industrial lighting and task lighting. In the home, it is better suitable for the study room or in the workspace in the kitchen.

Cool white (5600K-6500K) casts a bright and fresh glow. Cool white is great for task lighting as it is a brighter and more focused light. The cool bright colors are used the most in bathrooms, kitchens, and workspaces.

How do I choose between them?

Remember that color temperature is a matter of preference, and everyone forms their own opinions based on how they feel. Are you designing a retail office space or enhancing your existing home lighting? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create by incorporating LED lights into an area? Finally, choose the right light color to suit your needs. For example, bright light with a high color temperature can help keep you awake and alert during the day, while warm light with a low color temperature can help you relax and sleep better after a long day.

Is the light from a 4000K LED too bright?

As previously mentioned, 4000K is a neutral color temperature, falling between warm white light (yellow) and cool white light (blue). The 4000K color temperature is similar to the light during 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, making it suitable for work and study.

While most homeowners traditionally prefer 2700K and 3000K color temperatures when decorating or renovating their homes, more and more young people are now opting for neutral white light at 4000K or 5000K. The 4000K light color temperature offers balanced lighting that is an accurate color representation and creates a visually pleasing environment.

What are the benefits of 4000K to the humans?

1.Provide balanced lighting

4000K light color temperature provides balanced lighting that accurately renders colors and creates a pleasing visual environment. Compared to YUJILEDS NormLite D50 series products, 4000K can also achieve the same effect, but the price is relatively cheaper. It is very suitable for office/classroom/hospital and retail space.

2.Support circadian rhythm

The light of Yuji Well24™ Day Series 4000K bulb helps regulate our circadian rhythm. This bulb is designed with Yujileds® health technology, a carefully designed circadian spectrum engineering. This lighting technology uses biologically significant 480nm radiation to effectively regulate your circadian rhythm, align with your body's internal clock, and enhance physical and mental health.

3.Enhance focus and productivity

Use Well24™ Day 4000K to stimulate mental alertness and physical activity using melanopsin secretion inhibition. It can help people maintain attention and perform tasks that require mental concentration with higher efficiency.

    Where to use the 4000K light color temperature?

    1.Retail lighting

    The 4000K color temperature is particularly popular in retail environments because it does not appear too blue like cool white light, nor too warm or yellow like warm white light. YUJILED's CRI-MAX series, SunWave series and Well24 series all have 4000K color temperature products. They provide the best solution for your space and body rhythm in terms of color quality and healthy lighting. Their good color clarity and balanced lighting create a charming and comfortable shopping experience for customers. The WELL24 day and nite series will not make employees feel tired or exhausted during the workday, especially in the evening or during the night shift.

    2.Residential lighting

    In home lighting, 4000K LED lights are commonly used in bathroom and dressing table areas. Additionally, 4000K LED lights can also be found in food preparation areas in the kitchen, ensuring better observation of the true color of the object during food preparation.

    3.Office lighting

    In office settings, 4000K LED lighting improves employee focus, work efficiency, and alertness. It creates a lively atmosphere resembling natural daylight, reduces eye fatigue, and fosters a positive work environment.

    4.Manufacturing Lighting

    In manufacturing and industrial environments, 4000K lighting ensures optimal visibility and color rendering for improved safety and precision. It helps workers complete complex tasks accurately and reduces the risk of errors or accidents.

    5.Education Lighting

    4000K lighting in classrooms and educational institutions enhances the learning environment. Balanced lighting supports student focus, concentration, and academic performance.

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