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The Lighting Design for Show-Case of Boutiques and Malls

The Lighting Design for Show-Case of Boutiques and Malls


Show-case window, as a soul of malls, is the first impression of the entire mall. The lighting design plays a prominent role in the show-case design system. That could improve the effect of the commodities, created the shop atmosphere, mixture the color sense of the mall, and make a pleasant environment for shopping. With the ingenious lighting design, the value of production will increase itself.


As a healthy competition amount the business mall, Christmas show-case has existed for a long time. Every December, all kinds of Christmas show-case will be intense competition. For example the major shopping centers in New York and Paris, the Christmas window show-cases as the    upgrade of show-case design, is an effective of attracting customers.


Choose the right light color of exposure to the production material, through the stack by the reflection effect, could make all products looks exquisiteness and elegance. Cozy lighting will affect the mood of customer when they do the shopping; and for the boutique, soft lighting is more popular than a cold one.



In fact, the lighting control is the right way to hold the right style for the subject merchandise. Lighting and shade could reflect the taste of shops. Normally, lighting in the brand boutique is always softer. For luxury, no matter malls or boutiques, use mature concept with low illumination, decorating warm white color and high CRI LED lights, maybe add some theater lighting style, new fashion idea will be spread timely, and it’ll help to attract the attention of costumers.



Popularization consumer products, as well as clothes, spotlight would be a smart idea to salient features of the object. Also, choose the cold white color temperature and high illumination can easily create a casual and comfortable shopping atmosphere.

For the key products in a store, normally we use apply direct light irradiation and the color temperature on the clothing; and strengthen the product to guide the customers to buy.


For the spotlight, concentrated beam is one of the advantage to conducive the main product, also, use light color flexible is equally important. For example, high CRI LED with low CCT is more suitable to manufacture a romantic and elegant atmosphere, while the higher CCT LED is more appropriate to make the natural flavor. In different environments and locations, use of lighting also has their own characteristics. For example, different areas of the boutique need to configure different brightness.  The foyer area always has great natural light, compare to dark area, increase the illumination would be good choice. But at night, we have to increase the intensity of illumination. The production would look attractive even in dark, and easily evokes people to buy.



Showcase lighting design is a complex design. It needs to improve by constantly practice, so as to create an attracting showcase lighting design.

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