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NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
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Kitchen Lighting Ideas Using LED Strip Lights

At present, many people would prefer an open kitchen plan when designing the interior of their houses. In this way, the kitchen can be integrated with the  living room other space instead of being a closed separated area. Many homeowners find that improving the kitchen lighting can significantly improve their ability to prepare meals and enjoy their dining time. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to kitchen design, especially lighting design.

So what should you do to make your kitchen warmer, more vibrant or unique? The answer is easy.

There are a variety of ways to improve kitchen lighting with LED strips, and in this article, we'll introduce to you some of the popular options that can largely glorify your kitchen to make it look and function better.

1.Under the Cabinets

At present, what we often see is to use LED light strips as a"task light" under the cabinets. Because of the LED light source’s advantages of long life, high brightness, easy installation and energy saving, flexible LED strips can replace fluorescent tubes in  kitchen lighting.

You can also adjust the color temperature as you need according to the kitchen decoration style and preferences, so that the kitchen can exude a different aura.

For this scenario, we generally recommend using our CRI-MAXseries, which has three different white temperatures – warm white (1800K-3200K), natural white (4000K-5000K) and cool white (5600K-6500K).

kitchen lighting

2.Above Cabinet LED Lighting

Attach the easy-to-install, color-temperature-tunable and multi-purpose flexible LED strips to the top of any cabinet to provide a beautiful indirect light source without any visible wires or components, giving your kitchen a different atmosphere by changing the color of the light.

This design is an incredible solution for trendy young group who prefer indirect lighting designs.

kitchen lighting

3.Floor Cabinet Lights

In addition to above and below cabinet lighting, you can also place flexible LED strips beneath the floor cabinet to match the lighting of the wall cabinet. In bars and restaurants, you can see a lot of similar lights to create the atmosphere, and now flexible LED strips lighting technology under the counter is also popular in home kitchens.

After you have installed all the LED strips, set your favorite color to achieve different lighting effects, the entire kitchen space will become your favorite area. Whether it is warm, bright or romantic, you can change it as you like, which is very convenient.

kitchen lighting

After choosing where to install the flexible LED strips, next, we will take YUJILEDS high CRI LED strip as an example to show you how to install the LED strip under the kitchen cabinet. 

Step 1: First determine the length and size of the LED strips you need for your kitchen and buy it appropriately.

There are so many kinds of LED strips that your kitchen may need a different variety than other areas. For example, for under-cabinet lighting, you can choose waterproof LED strips (such as IP65 or IP67 strips), and you can also customize different CCTs and other characteristics (high brightness, high efficacy, S shape) to meet your specific requirements. 

Step 2: Clean the surface of the cabinet.

Make sure the surface of the cabinet is clean and dry before applying the LED strip to the cabinet.

Step 3: Unwrap the package of the LED strip and stick the strip to the cabinet.

Remove the LED strip from the packaging. If the strip is too long, cut it at the crop marks first, then tear off the tape and stick the strip onto the cabinet.

Step 4: Turn on the lights.

If you purchased the power supply and the controller when you purchased the LED strip of YUJILEDS, after all the LED strips are installed, you can assemble and test whether they can operate normally.

When designing your home lighting, whether you're looking for light that makes cooking more comfortable, warmer light for your bedroom, or more uplifting light for your study or work, you can always find high-quality LED strips that will meet your expectations at YUJILEDS. We offer a variety of LED lighting options. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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