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NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
YUJILEDS® 5-in-1 RGBWW LED SMD & LED Strip with Integrated Full Chromatic Gamut & Excellent Color Rendering

YUJILEDS® 5-in-1 RGBWW LED SMD & LED Strip with Integrated Full Chromatic Gamut & Excellent Color Rendering

For some special applications, people always struggle with the discrepancy between a narrow band spectrum which provides pure and saturated color, and a wide band spectrum which offers excellent color rendering. Due to this contradictoriness, anyhow you have to choose one option then give up the other. Then is it possible to achieve both?

As a compromised solution, generally we can use an integrated pure semiconductor LED, which always comes with a package of 5.0mm*5.0mm for saturated red, blue and green, then match a phosphor converted full spectrum LED for high color rendering white light (figure 1), in this case it is possible to get saturated colors and high CRI white lights simultaneously.

yuji high CRI led strip

Figure 1 – Typical method to achieve saturated colors and high CRI white light.

However, to diffuse the light even better, and for easier circuit design especially with limited space, people are desiring the LED combination as compact as possible, ideally within one package.


In 2016, YUJILEDS released a 4-in-1 package (Figure 2) to integrate 4 channels within one package for saturated red, blue and green plus a high CRI white light. For the first time we can achieve compact integration for full tunable spectrum function, but we also realize the coming problem of the limitation of CCT (Correlated Color Temperature). Assuming we use 2700K as the white light section, then will tune the spectrum by adjusting the R/G/B channels once the application environment requires other CCTs, in this case, the fullness of the spectrum will be changed significantly, figure 3 shows an actual consequence from an original high CRI 2700K, comparing with 6500K which is tuned by adjusting R/G/B channels, eventually we will lose the color rendering ability. 

yuji high CRI RGBW led strip

Figure 2 – YUJILEDS® 4-in-1 LED strip, high CRI white light with saturated red, blue and green.

yuji high CRI RGBWW led strip

Figure 3 – The tuning process with high CRI 2700K and R / G / B bases.

YUJILEDS® 5-in-1 LED SMD & LED Strip 

With one year of development, now we are excited to announce the revolutionary release of YUJILEDS® new product which solves this perfectly – the YUJI new 5-in-1 RGBWW LED SMD.

For this product, we add the secondary white light channel, and to balance the CCT, we define the 2 channels as typical warm white of 2700K and typical daylight 6500K, with excellent color rendering of Ra 95+ as what we always do.

yuji high CRI 5-in-1 RGBWW led strip

Figure 4 – Flexible strip with YUJILEDS® 5-in-1 LED.

What are the advantages of YUJI 5-in-1 RGBWW LED strip?

It is not just a simply upgrade based on 4-in-1, we make incredible achievements as: 

1.Improved output on white light

Comparing to the previous 4-in-1 LED, after optimizing the structure of lead frame, we achieve 100% improvement of the output on white light (lumen), then it makes the product suitable for more applications especially where the market is always desiring higher brightness and efficiency. 

2.3 rd generation chromaticity bin enhancement

With the technical development of Yuji phosphor and packaging, now we are able to achieve the 3rd generation bin in such narrow areas of this 5-in-1 package (more information please view “Less is more - YUJILEDS® releases its 3rd generation of chromaticity bin”), which means, probably this small monster offers the best color consistency that you could experience ever, and there is no more complicated work to consider or try different bin options. Furthermore the 3rd generation bin provides purest white possibilities since the targeted coordinate centers are always located on the blackbody locus (Figure 5).

The 5-in-1 chromaticity coordinates vs blackbody locus in CIE 1931

Figure 4 – The 5-in-1 chromaticity coordinates vs blackbody locus in CIE 1931.

3.Improved output on R /G /B

Comparing to previous 4-in-1 package, we also upgrade the R / G / B chip to make an average 13% output improvement (radiant power), and with tight wavelength tolerance you can get a stable chromatic “triangle”. This triangle offers approximated 99% Rec.709, 90% NTSC, 90% DCI-P3 and 85% Rec.2020 (Figure 5), theoretically you can get any color point within it. 

4.Assist from YUJILEDS® spectral simulation system 

Designing and tuning 5 different channels are not easy, it requires rich experience and knowledge in LED emitting, spectrum, color science and photoelectricity backgrounds. To be helpful for such complicated work, we design a system (Figure 6) for simulating and evaluating the performance directly, then you can gain an intuitive impression before the practice, we simplify it for you efficiently. 

the 5-in-1 chromaticity range vs relative standards in CIE 1931

Figure 5 – The 5-in-1 chromaticity range vs relative standards in CIE 1931.

YUJILEDS spectral simulation system based on 5-in-1 theory

Figure 6 – YUJILEDS® spectral simulation system based on 5-in-1 theory.

For the first time, we integrate so many color elements and uncompromising white tones in one package, this 5-in-1 product comes with individual LED, flexible strip or customized PCB, we warmly welcome any discussion or inquiry.

yuji high CRI 95+ RGBWW LED SMD

CRI-MAX™ CRI 95+ 5-in-1 RGBWW Full Gamut LED Flexible Strip - 60 LEDs/m - 5m/Reel

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