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CRI and the Visual Impact of Food

CRI and the Visual Impact of Food

The chroma of food will affect people’s visual idea. Multiple color helps appetite, and makes food good taste. The color rendering index decide the standard chroma of food, it influence the judgment of food directly.

Red, as a very important color which reflects the freshness of food, warm, reddish color will affect people the impression fresh or good taste.

As above, for perfectly reflect the red color, high CRI led is mandatory.


High CRI


In fancy place, we can chose a low color temperature light, match with diffuse lighting, light bulb in soft milky white, or matte material, that makes light effect naturally and softly.

For privacy considerations, lighting can also be used hybrid light source. That means, low color temperature light and high color temperature of light combined with, color temperature between 1900K-2700K is lowering and gentle, it’s more suitable for the privacy of high quality restaurants, color temperature between 4500K-5500K is easier to prominent the food. Mixed lighting effects are comparing similarly to daylight, and a light source is not monotonous, we could have more choice.

In order to achieve the effect of the atmosphere, chandeliers can not be installed too high; it could be parallel with the eyelevel. 

For food tasting, color/smell/taste/shape, normally we need bright light source with warm color temperature. But when we need to prominent the atmosphere, softer darker light will create a romantic ambience.



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