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High CRI LED Lighting In Fashion System

High CRI LED Lighting In Fashion System

Vanity with light is a cosmetic production which produced by the Fashion industry. High-quality Vanity has bright and soft lights, not only facilitates the work of stylists, but also has high color reproduction, low color difference, and even the effect of beautifying the face. However, most of the Vanity light bulbs are relatively simple, and could not fully meet the needs and the requirements of stylists.


Currently, we have two kinds of makeup vanity lighting in common. One is the vanity which setting by manually assembly with light bulb. And the other kind is the mirror with LED ribbon built into.



2 kinds of vanity assemble in different ways


Vanities which use bulbs assembly have very good adjustability. We could just add bulbs as much as we need.

But with a high surface temperature of the ordinary incandescent bulb, it can easily cause scald. And prolonged exposure by high intense of UV index, lighting an ordinary incandescent bulbs could certainly cause a lot of skin problem like darkening of the skin, aging, long spot etc.


The lighting mirror has LED ribbon built in could hard to be adjust the brightness. And there’s a very fatal shortcoming is low brightness, and bluish tone. Which means it could not correct the color of skin very well.

For a qualified makeup vanity lamp (bulb), the color temperature should be around 4000-4500K. And for a color tone, it should be white but with a little bit yellowish. Using a color temperature like this, the dim of skin could be corrected perfectly. It shouldn’t be a harsh light, because it’s opposite the face of human.


                                  A color temperature fit to the skin tone  

                        Occupied Mirror light with color temperature not suitable


In the process of styling, there might be a situation caused by large color difference. So, we can see high CRI lighting product is very necessary. Without a high heat, it won’t scald people (but it’s not heatless, so we still need to be careful). And no UV damage, of course it would reduce the skin problem.

Not even to mention the most important thing is: High CRI LED lighting could be a perfect solution to the problem of color difference. Just pick a right color temperature which close to local outdoor weather, it almost no colors difference, no matter indoors or outdoors.


Effect of backstage with track lights 5000-5600K


The necessity of High CRI for dressing room or show room, is all of things colorful, like makeup, like dresses, they will be ruined by those low CRI lights. At this moment, to ensure the environmental protection and the energy conservation in both time, the CRI index of many lamps are lower than 80. Undoubtedly, it’s a deep blow for a high color requirement of art industry.


Backstage of Galliano fashion show with high color saturation


LED lighting with High CRI now have been launched, the CRI could reaches to 98, which would close to the effect of sunlight infinitely. A product like this could achieve a high color quality of interior.

No matter a designer or a stylist, even a makeup artist, their requirements will be all satisfied by High CRI LED productions. 


                                low CRI  

  high CRI 


To avoid darkness of backstage, we also need to use the track light with color temperature 5000-5600K. As such lighting conditions, backstage could achieve the effect of a cloudy day out door.


Location of device track lights


Mirror lights plus track lights, formed a tight and complete lighting system of dressing room.


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