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NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
Yuji Binning VS MacAdam Ellipses

Yuji Binning VS MacAdam Ellipses

In 1942, David Macadam created 25 ellipses to measure and judge the consistency of different colors.
Later, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) C78.377 suggested the standard of lighting should follow the MacAdam Ellipses.
Nowadays, with the overflow of LED in the market, we are still following the ANSI standard for white LED lighting, is that still rational?

Before this question, let us have a check on the MacAdam Ellipses in the range of white light (2700K~6500K):



As we all know, the best light is always the spots on the BBL (Black Body Locus), but for LED manufacturing, it is totally impossible to only produce BBL LEDs, so the best solution is setting the center of the Bin closely to the BBL to maximize the probability for the purpose of collecting all the LEDs surrounding it.

For MacAdam Ellipses, we can see only 4000K center is almost on the BBL, other CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) centers are above or below the locus irregularly. Even at 6500K, the whole 7 steps ellipses are all above the locus. Many latest researches indicate that people would rather like the light a bit below the BBL (magenta) than the spots above it (green).

Speaking to here, are you still thinking the MacAdam Ellipses are rational for LED lighting? Both for the photography/movie and general commercial lighting?


Yuji provides all Bins which are defined by ourselves. We spent a lot of time on researching and deciding the Bin coordinates by making plenty of experiments. It is not just simply considering the consistency and qualified rate, but we also need to keep the extremely high CRI/TLCI at the same time.


  • Every center of the Bin is set closely to the BBL. 
  • Every 1/4 Bin has a high consistency level. 
  • Choosing each 1/4 Bin does not affect the rest ones. All 1/4 Bins can be used for 4 different applications for each CCT, keeping highly economical, efficient and high consistency. As for MacAdam Ellipses, if choosing a 3-step, the rest 5-step will have a very low consistency and can not be used anymore, which brings high cost, and probably the high cost is added to your 3-step choice. 
  • Customizing Bin is acceptable, a specialized Bin can be made only for you to help to achieve highest balance between your requirement and cost. 
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