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YujiElecs 120W IP67 Waterproof Power Supply for LED Strips

YujiElecs 120W IP67 Waterproof Power Supply for LED Strips


The life of your LED lighting fixtures, and how they perform, depends on how you power them. YUJILEDS has always been dedicated to providing power supplies that have been designed and rigorously tested to ensure their quality and reliability. Recently a new and more powerful power supply was released to prolong the life of your LED fixtures: YujiElecs 120W IP67 Waterproof Power Supply for LED Strips.

This powerful and robust YujiElecs power supply delivers up to 120W power to most YUJILEDS LED strips. It can be used with a variety of single color, bi-color (tunable white), color changing (RGB), color changing + white (RGBW, RGBWW), and other LED strip lights. All YUJILEDS strips can be powered up by this 120W power supply. Compared to our previous power supplies that has rugged plastic for the case, this new one uses aluminum alloy housing, greatly improving heat dissipation and the reliability of the power system. Also it is IP67 rated, has an adjustable voltage option, and is protected against short circuiting.

Working with YujiElecs Wireless Dimmer Controller Kit for Single Color/Bi-color LED strips or YujiElecs Remote Control Dimmer Kit for RGB/RGBW LED Strips , it provides smooth and flicker-free dimming and color tuning.

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