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Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting works to serve and enhance the architecture, not merely as an accessory, to create a cohesive spatial experience. So, architectural lighting is an intersection of art (architecture) and technology (lighting). The architecture being illuminated or lighted may be commercial or residential.

Architectural lighting design focuses on three fundamental aspects in lighting buildings and spaces - aesthetics, energy efficiency and functionality. That makes Yuji high CRI product more competitive, as Yuji LED luminaires produce less waste light and more useful lumens than other lighting technologies. LED strips and light fixtures combined to produce beautiful, sustainable designs and high quality light.

Yuji Lighting® SunWave, CRI-MAX series products focus on provide optimal lighting solutions for all application scenarios may exist for commercial or residential architectures.

Yuji high CRI waterproof led strips and led lights are perfect for outdoor decorative lighting, landscape lighting, ambient lighting and security lighting. Simple exterior lighting upgrades can enhance the curb appeal of your restaurants, stores, homes.

Good business starts with great attractive lights!

Should you leave your porch light when for your restaurant or other places at night, Yuji floodlight should be the first choice. You can easily see who's approaching through the window. Yuji waterproof RGB strip lights are designed for outdoor parties. The decorative string lights are a fun way to add atmosphere to your outdoor party or event.