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NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
NEW RELEASE | Full Spectrum High Efficiency D50 5000K Standard Illuminant LED Strip
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Arts & Graphics Lighting

Let’s illuminate your path to creating masterpieces with the perfect glow!

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For artists, dim lights with shadows creeping on the desk or canvas and inaccurate colors will seriously affect the presentation of the work. A good work lamp is not only about lighting up your work area but more importantly, it’s about color accuracy for creation and reducing eye fatigue during long hours of creation.

Based on YUJILEDS’ expertise in LED spectral science technology, we have developed full spectrum/high CRI and ISO3664:2000 standard D50 (5000K) series products for art creation and art displays: table lamps, A60 bulbs, LED tubes and LED strips. We believe that whether you are a watercolor, oil painter, pastel artist, sculptor or graphic designer,Yuji art studio lighting will transform your workspace into a creative paradise.

Why choosing YUJILED NormLite™ series products?

1. Secret in high-quality colors – high CRI 95+ or CRI 98

What are the basic qualities that a light for artwork creation should possess? The very first and essential quality needed is the art studio lamp’s ability to render authentic colors faithfully. We know that sunlight is the best source of light, and it has a well-balanced energy distribution in the entire visible light range of 380nm-800nm. To quantify the color rendering ability of artificial light sources, the concept of color rendering index (CRI) is defined, which stipulates that the CRI of sunlight is 100. The higher the CRI, the closer an object looks under an artificial illuminant to its color displayed under sunlight. The CRI of NormLite™ series products all reach 95+ or even 98.

yuji high CRI VS poor CRI

2. Secret in high-quality colors —Sunlight/Full Spectrum

High CRI is not enough for high quality color rendering, but spectral coverage and distribution matter as well. Mostly, humans tend to believe that the original color of certain object is what it looks like under sunlight (sunlight spectrum actually). This is because natural sunlight contains plenty of light emissions that cover the full spectral range of visible light in 380nm-800nm while conventional LED lamps can not do (merely cover 450nm-700nm). Therefore, an artificial light source that has a spectrum closer to sunlight is quite probably a higher quality light source and is supposed to create colors of artworks closer to the true colors.

The YUJILEDS delivers closest-to-sunlight natural light with 99% similarity, rendering colors as true as under sunlight.

YUJILEDS Sunlight Spectrum    Standard LED Spectrum    Fluorescent light Spectrum

3. ZERO Flicker, ZERO Glare

YUJILEDS features cutting-edge Yuji Zero-Glare Technology, designed to minimize glare and reduce eye strain during long creative sessions.

yuji zero flicker bulb

Why is D50/5000K the most recommended color temperature for art studios?

It is generally considered that 5000-6000K is a relatively neutral color temperature of whites for art creation and display. Under a light condition of such a color temperature, the deviation of color temperature in observing the color produced by the artwork can be avoided to the utmost extent.

1. 5000K has the most balanced color spectral distribution and has arguably the purest white color point. It has approximately equal amounts of short-wavelength light (violet, blue, and cyan), middle-wavelength light (green) as well as long-wavelength light (yellow, orange, and red) energy. In other words, 5000K has a relatively equal ability in rendering all colors faithfully.

2. Daylight 5000K (CIE D50) meets the ISO standard as the most recommended “lighting condition for color viewing". For artworks that shall be assessed by persons at different stages in a workflow, including by designer, manufacturer, brand owner, and customer or audience, they are likely to use similar lighting conditions compliant with industrial standards to guarantee the color consistency and color quality of artworks. (See the color viewing lighting page for details)

YUJILEDS has launched three products that combine spectrum technology, product flexibility (desk lamps), and replaceability (A60 bulbs, light strips) to present you with the best blend of functionality and style for high quality art creation.

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    Original price $187.00
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    $187.00 - $357.00
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    NormLite™ Full Spectrum CRI 98 D65 6500K T8 LED Tube for Color Inspection - Pack: 3pcs

     FEATURES CIE D65 (Daylight 6500K) T8 LED tube light for critical color viewing applications in textile, dye, paint, automobile, leather manufac...

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    Original price $187.00 - Original price $357.00
    Original price $187.00
    $187.00 - $357.00
    $187.00 - $357.00
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