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BC Series High CRI MCPCB LED Module - Unit: 10 pcs

BC Series High CRI MCPCB LED Module - Unit: 10 pcs


Yuji LED’s high CRI 5730 LED module provides a convenient PCB solution for high CRI LED applications, compatible with 24V constant voltage power sources. Providing 95 CRI (typical) at 90 lm/W, this versatile LED module can be used in a variety of applications demanding high color quality and performance.

21 pcs BC 5730L (BC 5730H available on request)
2x terminal block connectors for easy hookup on both ends (stranded or solid wire, 0.2 - 0.75 mm diameter)
Can be connected end-to-end (daisy chain) without change in input voltage*, connectors are contained in the package.
Can be powered by a 24V DC (constant voltage) power supply
8.6 W nominal power consumption
280 mm × 20 mm × 2.0 mm metal-core PCB
120° emission angle
CRI 95 Ra
RoHS Compliant
LM80 Tested 
Zhaga compliant linear PCB
Constant current variant available on request

Available for matching Yuji Flicker Free Dimmable Power Supply.

One unit (10pcs MCPCB) needs 2pcs power supply.

Please choose the correct voltage(24V) version PSU.

Nominal Wattage: 8.6 W
Rated voltage: 24 V DC
Forward current: 340 - 380 mA 
Luminous Flux (2700K): 700 - 780 lm
Luminous Flux(3200K): 700 - 780 lm
Luminous Flux(4000K): 750 - 840 lm
Luminous Flux(5600K): 750 - 840 lm




*24V DC power supply rated at 0.5A or above (12 W). Daisy-chain operation will require an additional 0.5A in power supply capacity per module connected.


1. When you receive the MCPCB, it could be like this:

2. We have prepared grooves for splitting up, please kink along the grooves back and forth. 


3. It would need some strength to separate, please try not to touch the chips on the board. If you need the individual PCBs, please let us know in advance, we will separate it for you. 

10pcs Wago 2060-902 connectors are included in the packaging. 

Double-ended board-to-board connectors for Yuji LED's MCPCB Modules allow for quick and effective linear connectivity.

Dsc 0964 grandeDsc 0969 grande

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