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June Offer 2023 ▏Up to 25% OFF

CRI-MAX™ CRI 95+ 5-in-1 RGBWW Full Gamut LED Flexible Strip - 60 LEDs/m - 5m/Reel

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SKU YJ-BC-HRB-RGBWW5050-12V-2765
  • CRI-MAX™ Series CRI 95+ light quality of white light
  • 500lm/m, 7.2W/m
  • 5 colors in a single LED strip: Red/Green/Blue/Tungsten/Daylight
  • 12V/24V constant voltage compatible
  • Full-color gamut
  • Million colors in one via 5-channel DMX controller
  • Yuji CRI-MAX™ RGBWW high CRI LED strip is one of our popular LED strip lights. It is a combination and upgrade of RGB, RGBW, and bi-color LED strip lights, which can perfectly get high CRI tunable white light as well as a full gamut of red, green, and blue colors. In addition, by tuning the 4 channels, RGB + warm white and cool white simultaneously, it can achieve various spectrum distributions to realize various light effects for any application lighting requirements.

    Through our remote controller or any other 5-channel DMX controller, you are able to achieve any colors and any color temperature white light output. It can satisfy your color temperature requirements, color-changing requirements as well as spectrum simulate requirements. Perfect for various applications, such as film lighting, stage lighting, and commercial lighting.

    Yuji CRI-MAX™ series takes pride in its color rendering ability utilizing industry-leading technology. It’s rated outstandingly high in terms of most professional standards – up to 97 CRI (min. 95), 97 TLCI, 92 Rf and 100 Rg. It helps reveal colors faithfully and create comfortable lighting environment. Choose it for color-critical applications, such as film & photography, art display, high-end residential environment, etc.  

  • Dimensions 16.4ft (5 meters) 
    Width 12mm
    LED Density 60 LEDs/m
    CRI (Ra)  Ra>95, R9>90
    Color/CCT R G B 2700K 6500K
    Luminous Flux (lm) 180lm 350lm 70lm 550lm 580lm
    Power Consumption 4.8W/m (1.5W/ft) 4.8W/m (1.5W/ft) 4.8W/m (1.5W/ft) 7.2W/m (2.2W/ft) 7.2W/m (2.2W/ft)
    Input Voltage DC 12V/24V
    Cuttable Length Every 3 LEDs (50 mm)
    Estimated Lifetime 15000 hours
    Warranty 2 years
  • Power Supply

    YujiElecs 120W IP67 Waterproof Power Supply for LED Strips

    Power Cord

    YujiElecs™ Three Prong Power Cord Kit with Lever Nut Wire Connector for Hardwired Power Supplies

  • Yuji RGBWW strip

    Decoration Lighting

    Yuji RGBWW strip

    Ambient Lighting

    Yuji RGBWW strip

    Commercial Lighting

    Yuji RGBWW strip



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