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Notice of Logo Change

New logo, new mission

For the past years, Yujileds® has been dedicated to providing outstanding LED products and services for specific applications and is proud to announce the successes in global markets. With deeper and more respectful understanding of LED technologies and markets, we decide to renew our brand impression by the new logo to establish a higher recognition.

The new logo spreads our mission of creating and sharing the maximum value for customers based on advanced LED technology. Compared to the old logo, the new one is designed as a more concise icon but is with sufficient information.

New logo identification

The endowed meaning of the new logo is our driving force, which aims to provide the closed-loop solution for customers. With our professional background, we focus on achiving the common goal with customers together in a most efficient way.

Different logo, same service

Effective 1st August, 2020, Yujileds® starts to launch the new logo. The replacement takes time to the existed information carrier online or offline, but the technical and business supports are maintained at highly performed as usual, there is no differece if the products/documents you receive/read are with the old or new logo.

Nevertheless of the change of the brand impression, our aspiration to offer the best service for customers has never been changed. Making everyone enjoy Yuji technology is our eternal vision.