YUJILEDS® High CRI 95+ High Power LED COB Tungsten 3200K - BC270H - 450W - Pack: 1pcs

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SKU YJ-BC-270H-G02-R-32
  • High CRI of 95+
  • High color quality
  • Small LES (light emission surface)
  • 19mm diameter
  • 24000lm output
  • Custom spectrum and color point production available upon request
  • Power supply recommendation: HLG-600H-42A type (A) 
  • Available without radiator, with radiator to match different requirements
Dimensions 27mm*27mm*0.5mm
CCT 3200K 5600K
Luminous Flux 18,000lm - 24,000lm 22,000lm - 28,000lm
CRI (Ra) 95+
SDCM ≤ 3 steps
Input Current 12A
Input Voltage 35V - 42V
Warranty 3 years



Yuji LED now releases two types of small LES COB package to meet the market need for higher light intensity with very small form factors. Yuji LED’s recent compact-LES COB, BC160H and BC270H, remarkably reduced dimensions. In the100W-class BC160H, the diameter of its LES has scaled down 9 mm from the 40 mm typically specified in conventional 100W COB packages. For the BC270H offering, the LES is only 19 mm. These LED packages are highly compact and their LES is extremely smaller than the most existing COB packages in the market. Moreover, they provide the exceptionally high light intensity and even higher Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP). These offer compact and bright lighting solutions for spotlights as well as high bay lights.

Competitor Comparison

Parameter Yuji LED Chinese Manufacturer X Japanese Manufacturer Y
Substrate AlN AlN Al(Cu)
LES  φ19mm φ15mm φ34mm
Power  450W 340W 500W
CRI 95 70 70/80/90
Flux Density  95.27lm/mm² 135.85lm/mm² 77.13lm/mm²
Luminous Output  28000lm 24000lm 59209lm~71735lm



Please operate according to the specification and user guide as attached below, Yuji is not responsible for any damage due to the inaccurate operation.

  • Spot Lights
  • Tracking lights
  • Machinery Lighting
  • Scanner Lighting
  • Projector Lighting


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