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WELL24™ Nite A19/A60 Functional Lighting 11W Dimmable Sleepy Night LED Bulb 2200K - 4pcs

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SKU YJ-WB-BL-11-G01-120-22
  • WELL24™ Nite Series simulates evening sunlight; low blue bulbs
  • Proper spectrum promotes the melanopsin secretion and promotes a better night sleep
  • Warm white 2200K light recipe for relaxing effect
  • 11W power consumption,75W incandescent equivalent
  • Dimmable, smooth dimming down to 5%
  • Standard E26/E27 base, A-shape bulb design, ideal for table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant fixtures
  • This bulb is designed with Yujileds® wlbeing technology-the well-designed spectral engineering for circadian rhythm that we used to design the Circadian Lighting Project for astronauts on the International Space Station. That said, this bulb is of aerospace quality.
  • Well24™️ Nite A19/A60 LED lamps provide optimal lighting solutions for all spaces promoting healthy resting and sleeping. Designed with Yuji Wellness technology, lamps emit a biological wellness spectrum, reducing the damage of the biological clock, allowing people to become more relaxing. They are excellent for home, hotel, and hospital lighting.

    Yuji uses Human-Centric technology to avoid blue light damage as much as possible while ensuring the quality of color rendering.

    Yuji Well24™ Nite series effectively promote the melanopsin secretion to help you relax and feel sleepy faster and more easily than conventional lighting. Fall asleep easily at home or in a hotel room, especially when battling jet lag or doing shift work.

  • Dimensions φ60mm*117mm
    Base Type E26/E27
    Power Consumption 11W
    Input Voltage AC 120V/230V
    CRI (Ra)  85+
    Color Temperature  2200K
    Luminous Flux (lm) 1000lm
    Melanopic Ratio 0.28@2200K
    Melanopic Daylight Efficacy Ratio 0.25@2200K
    View Angle 200°
    Dimmable Yes
    Dimming Mode TRIAC
    Packaging 4pcs
    Estimated Lifetime 25,000 hours
    Warranty 3 years
    IES File
  • Standard E26/E27 base with A19 shape, directly fits in all E26/E27 base.

  • Yuji A60 bulb


    Yuji A60 bulb

    Residential Lighting

    Hotel Room

    Bedroom Lighting

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